Intel unlocks OEM GPU drivers for users to install without issues

Intel is releasing unlocked versions of its GPU drivers for OEM systems providing users access to regular updates.

GPU drivers from Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM that use Intel hardware are locked. This means that if users cannot install a new graphics drivers, unless it comes from the OEM itself.

This arrangement is beneficial for the OEM, since they can control the release and update of all drivers running on an Intel hardware. A graphics hardware manufacturer and operating systems are releasing driver updates regularly. With driver updates blocked by OEMs, users end up using an outdated driver on their machines.

Intel is changing the game

After years of requests, Intel is finally releasing unlocked versions of its Intel Graphics DCH drivers. This means that users can now manually update their graphics drivers without having to rely on the mercy of OEMs.

Intel’s decision of unlocking these drivers brings huge benefits to users. With the tech landscape changing by the day, users can update their machines to the latest drivers to keep it secure. Aside from security, these updates are also bringing performance updates.

Intel is not cutting OEM out of the picture. OEMs can still release their own updates. The significant change here is that users can now have the freedom of which driver to their machine, as opposed to just relying on the OEM.

Intel wrote in a statement:

“Well, as of this release, Intel Graphics DCH drivers are now unlocked to upgrade freely between Computer Manufacturer (OEM) drivers and the Intel Generic graphics drivers on Download Center.”

Not all Intel platforms will receive the update

There is a caveat to this update, and that it will be available to Intel CPUs that are 6th-generation or higher. Those below that will not receive the update. Moreover, machines running on Intel’s integrated graphics card will not receive the update as well.

The update was for a new Windows 10 GPU driver. Specifically, version Intel has yet to confirm whether the same update will find its way to other operating systems.

Hardware manufacturers, like Intel, are slowly easing up restrictions on their products. Last year, AMD allowed its users to install its Radeon graphics drivers on OEM machines. The decision came after customer feedback demanding the company to do as such.

Intel’s decision to unlock its graphics driver is a response to huge customer demand. Moreover, the company is also improving its drivers for regular day-zero game support.

Image courtesy of Futase_tdkr/Wikimedia Commons

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