Intel DG1 graphics card boasts 768 cores, beats PlayStation 4

The Intel DG1 graphics card appears to be a powerful piece of hardware. Also, recent leaks reveal it beats the PlayStation 4.

Intel’s first foray into the commercial graphics card business appears to be in good form. A number of reports claim that the company first graphics card, the Intel DG1, is powerful enough to beat the PlayStation 4.

Performance, specs leaks

Months after Intel confirms its entry into the graphics card market, a recent leak reveals its first product. The graphics card is called the Intel DG1, and if the leak is correct it will sport a 3GB vRAM.

A 3GB vRAM is a decent enough piece of hardware for an entry-level graphics card. However, some tech analysts have noted that this is just one of Intel’s growing list of devices. There are rumors claiming that the company might release a graphics specifically for the gaming market.

As for its tech specs, the graphics card has 3GB of vRAM, 768 cores, and a 1.5GHz clock rate. While not necessarily fast for the current time, it is capable of supporting virtual reality titles. In fact, the card beats the PlayStation 4 in terms of performance alone.

A closer look

The recent leak also reveals that the Intel DG1 is similar to the TigerLake integrated GPUs. A slight improvement in terms of TDP is what separates the two video cards.

It is important to note that the leak is referring to a development hardware. This means that Intel is still working on it, and improvements may still come.

However, at this point, the Intel DG1 is already a decent piece of hardware. It has the computing capabilities to support VR, and the 3GB vRAM is enough to run most mainstream video game titles.

Rumors around the community claim that Intel is working on a more powerful DG1 video card. This particular model is for the gaming community.

Word around the community is that this Intel DG1 card will have at least 4GB of vRAM. It will also come as no surprise if it will have a higher clock speed and more GPU cores.

From the looks of it, Intel is doing great with its first video card. If the leaks are true, the Intel DG1 can be a decent alternative to the bloated entry-level video card market. That is, until confirms how much the price of the video card will be.

Image courtesy of Slejven Djurakovic/Unsplash

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