Interesting facts about the canceled ‘Pokemon Pink’ game

Hackers and data miners have found evidence that a game was set to have been released alongside Pokemon Yellow in 1998.

A few days ago rumors on the internet spread like wildfire that hackers have found evidence of the existence of an unreleased Pokemon Pink game.

The game was supposed to be released with Pikachu’s Pokemon Yellow but has never seen the light of day for mysterious unidentified reasons. Rumors are spreading so fast that some people don’t now know how to separate the true from the false.

While none of these are confirmed by Nintendo, these are the most reliable Pokemon Pink facts gathered by data miners and hackers.

Doctor Lava’s discovery

According to tweets by self-proclaimed Pokemon historian Doctor Lava, he has found evidence embedded on source codes that Pokemon Pink existed in the past.

While the game was never released, it was most likely intended to be partnered with Pokemon Yellow before getting cancelled. In addition, according to leaked game files from ResetEra, the Pokemon Pink source codes included a complete set of audio recordings from the Pokemon anime.

This leaked information came from the same hack on the Nintendo servers which had produced controversial leaks such as the Gold and Silver Spaceworld and Generation 1 beta sprites.

Different Pokemon names

Looking at codes on the localized English version of Pokemon Pink, a ton of Pokemon were supposed to have different names from what they are known today.

Rapidash was supposed to be Gallop, Clefairy as Aria, Rattata as Korattavar and Vulpix was originally called Foxfire. Most interestingly, Cubone’s original name was Orphon which would have perfectly fit the backstory of the Pokemon.

Clefairy as feature Pokemon

Based from the details leaked about Pokemon Pink, Clefairy was intended to be the featured Pokemon of the game. Proof of this is the existence of multiple Pokemon GameBoy frames found only in Japan where Pikachu and Clefairy were standing together.

Female Protagonist

This information is more theoretical than the rest, but some Pokemon experts say that Pokemon Pink would’ve had some type of female protagonist. This could have been proposed by the developers to appeal to female Pokemon fans and may even answer why the color pink was chosen for the title.

The Pokemon games never had a female protagonist until the release of Pokemon Crystal and the Generation 2 Pokemon. However, it is satisfying to think if this should’ve happened on the first version of the Pokemon games.

Featured images courtesy of US Gamer/Website Screenshot and Slash Gear/Website Screenshots

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