International 8, biggest prize pool in eSports won by OG

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The International 8, held in Vancouver, Canada, saw OG taking not only this year’s grand winning in DoTA, but also the biggest grand prize in eSports’ history.

OG emerged victorious over Chinese heavyweight PSG.LGD that almost clinched the finals around midway through the game.

OG members, “JerAx”, “ana”, “Topson”, “7ckngMad”, and “N0tail” had, for the first time, lifted the Aegis Cup.

Happiness is in the Air

One can only imagine the elation arising in the air as the 5-man team finally raise a wanted prize.

However, it is not only the coveted trophy that will be the cause of the team’s euphoria. There is also the grand prize money to consider as well, which they had indeed bagged.

To be shared across team members is the massive money pool of $11,200,000, easily making multi-millionaires of each.

A Tale of Redemption

OG’s win in the International 8 was not necessarily an easy feat, even for a squad not a stranger to winning. Yet, the idea of finally succeeding in a The International is something which many anticipated for years but did not see coming.

If there’s anything that eSports’ history had shown the audience, it’s OG prowess in surmounting competition. But only to ironically succumb to the critical events in The Internationals. OG is great, but not good enough for the big league it seems.

The events that took place culminating to the International 8 is not without drama, as well.  Stories of “betrayal,” which saw former allies having jumped ship, is but commonplace with OG. The scenario is not too different from seeing crumbling bases due to bad team play and dominating opponents.

Former members, Miracle-, Fly, and Resolution, being notable of aforementioned. This is especially true for Miracle- who becomes a major driving force for Team Liquid’s grand victory last year. Fly, now in Evil Geniuses roster, has been mostly missed as a former captain of OG.

A Rising Star

But as members come and go, so are people that fills in the empty spaces as well. Thanks to new captain “N0tail’s” good scouting skill, valuable member “Topson” joined the ranks.

Being a fresh face, however, did not stop Topson from showing his skills. If anything, he has been tributary, such that his presence added to the overall chances of winning. To the audiences, Topson is nothing less than remarkable sight, based on performance alone.

Yet, despite losing valued members and the struggles, the team proved to have what it takes to truly become the best.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/OGesports

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