Valve International Battle Pass 2020 is now ready with more rewards


The International Battle Pass 2020 is now up, letting players access exclusive features, content, and rewards once again.

This pass from Valve will have a percentage of its sales funding the next prize pool. The entire International Battle Pass 2020 is there to add more to Valve’s eSports tournament purse.

Even then, the cancellation for the International 10 for the year won’t lift. The likely scenario is that this year’s profits will add on top of next year’s purse.

Battle Pass to include Guilds, bounty tokens, and summer events

For this year, the Battle Pass will add a few extra features. For starters, a new Guilds system will allow its players to join other like-minded gamers. The Guilds will have new rewards, which include emoticons, Battle Pass bonuses, and more.


Players can get these rewards by playing and winning matches, together with performing tasks. Completing daily objectives, weekly, and even monthly challenges can help players get better prizes.

Guilds also get a guild chat function that allows members to stay in touch while playing. The system will work on Steam’s mobile app too, and anyone can join the guild. Even then, only players with a Battle Pass can create their own guild.

The Battle Gauntlet will also get a more competitive twist on DotA 2. A tiered challenge worth 1500 battle points is at stake. There’s also an upgrade to the Battle Tier, together with 200 units of Sideshop Gold for anyone who can win three games before losing two.

Bounty Tokens will also allow players to set bounties on enemy heroes. Higher Battle Tiers mean more bounty tokens, which means higher bounties.

International Battle Pass has more content due to pandemic

Apart from more rewards, a “four-player maze of madness and mayhem” and a two-part Cavern Crawl, Nightsilver, and Foulfell are on the way for the summer. These events will give players exclusive item sets, Battle Points, and more.

Those who can find the path to the next map will get more rewards as they wade through.

The International Battle Pass 2020 will be more content-heavy compared to the last few years. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s The International won’t be around for the best of the best.

“The International Battle Pass is here to help fill this unique summer season with the epic trappings of Dota that we all know and love,” said Valve on the page. “Loaded full of new features and legendary rewards, the Battle Pass is your portal to unexplored riches and endless wonders as we celebrate the game and the global community that continues to help it thrive.”

The International Battle Pass 2020 starts at $9.99 for the Level 1 bundle. Players can get the level 50 bundle for $29.35 and the level 100 bundle for $44.99.

Images courtesy of Valve/Youtube Screenshot

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