‘Into The Breach’ is free on Epic Games Store next week

'Into The Breach' is free on the Epic Games Store next week

The Epic Games Store will be giving away indie strategy game Into The Breach next week. The game will be one of two giveaways, with the second one still a mystery.

EGS refreshed their giveaway games recently for its core player base. Epic was generous this week, giving away Hitman (2016) and the Shadowrun Collection. From September 3 to 10, the storefront will give away Subset Games’ Into The Breach.

The title is a wonderful indie surprise from 2018. It’s a combination of XCOM and Pacific Rim, with looping gameplay that never gets old.

Breach combines XCOM and Pacific Rim

Breach is one of those indie darlings that are hard to forget. It’s fantastic in its own right, through its isometric, turn-based gameplay. What makes it superb, however, is the gameplay loop that it brings to its players.

The plot of the game revolves around humanity’s battle with an alien race called Vek. The Vek are gigantic, building-sized monsters similar to kaiju like Godzilla. Players control a group of three mechs with different abilities and specializations.

What makes Breach a fantastic game is its victory conditions. For a perfect game, players would need to kill or repel the Vek turn by turn. Players would also need to protect the city at all costs, keeping the power grid and its citizens safe.

The game is also all about choices, with some strategies needing to sacrifice the player mech to protect city buildings. As players progress, they will also encounter giant Vek bosses that can destroy the entire city.


No info yet on second free game from Epic Games Store

Having Into the Breach as a free giveaway is awesome. The game came from the creators of FTL: Faster Than Light. All this means is it’s a high-quality title with a ton of replayability.

Breach is also a great roleplay title. Players have almost a dozen mech teams to choose from. Some specialize in displacing enemy positions while others use fire and ice. Depending on the playstyle, potential players will find some teams to be their favorites.


So far, the Epic Game Store is yet to reveal the other title coming for free with Breach. It’s common for the EGS to giveaway titles in pairs, but it’s rare for them to lag on the second title reveal.

Even then, Into The Breach itself is a great game to get for free. It’s an indie surprise that has AAA replayability and a surprising amount of depth. For those who are yet to try this indie darling, it’s worth the time and effort sunk into it.

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