Introducing Reyna, the 11th ‘Valorant’ agent, here’s what she can do

Introducing Reyna, the 11th Valorant agent, here's what she can do

Agent 11 will arrive on Valorant when it launches on June 2, packing many special abilities as well as a unique origin.

The Valorant closed beta had ended on May 28 in order to pave the way for the launch of the game. With a few more days before launch, Riot Games continues to roll out updates to build up excitement.

Just recently, Riot has introduced a new game character that would arrive with the game on June 2.

Reyna arrives on Valorant

A new character is set to arrive on Valorant when it goes back online on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. While Riot is yet to provide fans with an official name for the agent, the teaser somehow implies it to be “Reyna.”

The people first got a glimpse of this new agent through an artwork posted by Riot. Shortly after, the Latin American channels of the game started to retweet a video of the agent in action. The video came with a hashtag #ReynaIsHere.

Not much is known about the agent at the time the teaser was posted. However, since many Latin American channels are promoting the agent, it was likely that the character will originate from that area or share the same culture.

Many believed the agent is the rumored Sabine, a woman with vampiric powers. However, it is now confirmed that the agent’s identity is, in fact, the Mexican, Reyna.

With this news, the new agent will become the 11th playable character on Valorant. The developers had earlier revealed that 12 characters would be playable upon release. However, Riot says that they would stick with the current lineup of 11 characters for now.

What Agent 11 can do

In the gameplay teaser video, many can see a purple soul orb form out of Cypher after being killed by Reyna. The agent is able to collect this soul orb before it vanishes.

One of the perks shown in the video with these soul orbs is that Reyna can use them to heal up to full health using one of her signature abilities. Even when Reyna’s health bar is full, players can still use the orbs to add another 50 armor.

Reyna’s health bar is also constantly regenerating for as long as she is able to kill her enemies before the cooldown is over. This, coupled with her healing ability, allows her to over-heal up to 50 hp. This also gives her the chance to activate a regenerating heavy shield.

Her ultimate ability is called the “Empress.” After activating this, the Empress’ ability would enhance all of Reyna’s soul orb abilities. The “Empress” ability allows Reyna to fire with more speed and precision, speed-up reload times and reset the recoil after every enemy kill.

Reyna is able to maintain the Empress skill for as long as she is able to kill an enemy before the timer runs out.

The 11th agent also has a tactical ability in the form of a blind which is able to pass through walls and float in mid-air. Because of her healing, regeneration, and tactical skills, Reyna is sure to spice things up on Valorant.


Image courtesy of Valorant/Facebook (1)

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