Introducing Seraphine: The newest pop idol to grace ‘League of Legends’

Introducing Seraphine: the newest pop idol to grace League of Legends

The newest League of Legends champion and K/DA popstar Seraphine has long been in the LoL radar. Here’s what you should know about the character.

It has been almost two months since the League of Legends community discovered the @saradotway Twitter account. It didn’t take long for people to realize that this was actually a Riot-run account and the purported LoL champion 152.

People now know that this character, Seraphine, has joined the popular K/DA K-pop group. Now here is everything the community needs to know about her.

Seraphine’s abilities on League of Legends

Seraphine looks to be more of an all-around character. She’s a good support type character with her passive having the so-called “Echo” mechanism that would allow players to cast her abilities twice.

She has a shield ability (W) that can protect every nearby ally champions. Not only that, but this ability also allows her to grant enhanced movement speed to ally champions.

Seraphine can heal other champions as well for as long as she is already shielded, a healing factor would take effect on her allies.

Aside from her support skills, Seraphine is also a damage dealer. She can deal magic damage to her enemies and slow them down (E). Aside from that, she can also deal magic damage in an area (Q) which increases as the enemies’ health goes down. Seraphine’s ultimate allows her to deal magic damage and charming her enemies for four seconds at the same time.

While Riot has not confirmed these abilities as of yet, the sources are hard to refute. Twitter user Pixelbutt leaked information borne from a data-mining session in the Wild Rift game files. And if it’s in the Wild Rift files, it is highly likely that these abilities would come about.

Joining K/DA

What’s confirmed is that Seraphine is now a part of the K/DA pop sensations. The character’s Twitter account had confirmed this to be a fact last month. Riot describes her as an “aspiring songwriter and producer” with “big dreams.”

Because of her association with K/DA the character will be released with at least one skin. This skin would have three stages similar to other K/DA characters: “Indie,” “Rising Star,” and “Superstar.”

Not only that, the character was even “spotted,” at least in the promotional sense, with the rest of the K/DA girls in Shanghai for the Worlds 2020 finals. This information is in line with the next part of the article, Seraphine’s release date.

When will LoL officially release Seraphine?

Since Riot itself has confirmed Seraphine as a part of Worlds 2020, her release should come any day now. According to a report published by Dotesports, the character is set to arrive on the Public Beta Environment on October 13. Riot will then officially release the character on October 29.

Featured image courtesy of League of Legends/Twitter 


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