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iOS 13.5 Golden Master update has rolled out for developers


iOS 13.5 Golden Master update just rolled out for developers recently. The release comes with updates on essential iOS 13 features.

The iOS 13.5 Golden Master release signals that the update will soon be available for the public. Apple releases the GM version of every patch just before it rolls out to the public.

iOS 13.5 Face ID and framework for contact tracing app

The iOS 13.5 Golden Master update brought significant development in unlocking an iPhone while wearing a face mask. The update simplified the Face ID face mask recognition function.

Previously, an iPhone needs to recognize the user’s face through its Face ID function before the phone unlocks. However, the COVID 19 mitigation changed everything as the function now has to scan a user with a facemask.

iOS 13.5 Golden Master automatically brings the user to the passcode window upon detecting a face mask on. Users are spared of having to go through the Face ID and to fail the access twice before being directed to the passcode screen.

Aside from simplifying the unlocking process of the iPhone through Face ID, iOS 13.5 also simplifies the use of other apps. Authenticating apps that support Face ID such as App Store, Apple Books, Apple Pay, iTunes also comes easier.

The iOS 13.5 Golden Master update also brings in an accessible and available framework for COVID -19 contact tracing apps. It features an Exposure Notification API to support the said apps.

However, though the structural framework is ready, still it awaits the governments to take a step. Apple is still waiting for the people in a position to create a contact tracing app that could use the Exposure Notification API.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy, the Exposure Notification API determines if the iPhone holder passed by COVID -19 infected people. The detection covers the last 14 days of a user’s activities.

The contact tracing happens without exposing the identity of any of the COVID-19 contact tracing app. The detection will be done through a centralized database, keeping records of all the app user’s health details.

iOS 13.5 enhanced Group Face Time and emergency services

iOS 13.5 Golden Master makes the automatic prominence on Group Face Time controllable. Now participants do not need to suffer from changing video tile sizes as one participant speaks.

The good news is the bug fixes that come along Apple’s latest OS update for developers. Suggestions and actions can now be loaded in the share sheet and the screen no longer turns black when streaming for videos from websites.

Finally, Apple also made the emergency services easily accessible through the iOS 13.5 update. Placing an emergency call automatically shares essential health information from a user’s medical ID.

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