iOS 13.5 jailbreak finally rolls out on every iPhone

iOS 13.5 jailbreak finally rolls out, how to jailbreak every iPhone

A team of jailbreakers just rolled out an iOS jailbreak. The said crack works with iPhones running on iOS 11 up to the recently released iOS 13.5.

Days after Apple released the iOS 13.5, iPhone’s latest operating system update, a jailbreak immediately broke out. Unc0ver, a known team of jailbreakers just launched the crack that can work even to the tech giant’s most recent OS update.

iOS 13.5 jailbreak hinted

Leaks surfaced the internet over the weekend about a jailbreak capable of cracking even the iOS 13.5. True enough the waiting ended for enthusiasts anticipating to bypass the iOS safeguards and explore deeper with their devices’ platform received.

Previous reports hinted that unc0ver plans to release the jailbreak 5.0. The crack uses the 0day vulnerability released by Pwn20wnd, a known leaker.

Jailbreaking an iPhone running on iOS 13.5

Meanwhile a short video gave users a step by step detailed instructions on how to jailbreak their iOS devices. However, jailbreakers continue to remind enthusiasts to be sure they are aware of what could go wrong before starting.

On a computer install the and choose between macOS or Windows beta. The downloaded altstore goes to the download folder.

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Locate the altserver from the applications in the download folder and click ok. Head over to the altstore mini bar, select install mail plugin and key in the admin password, and tap ok.

Click the stockmail app and select preferences. From preferences, choose the manage plugins found on the general tab, click apply and restart mail.

After completing the process on the computer, connect the iPhone running on iOS 13.5 or older to the mac or Windows device. Find the iPhone on the mac finder window and complete the trust authentication process on both devices.

On the computer menu bar, install the altstore and choose the name of the iPhone where it is headed. Complete the authentication process such as Apple ID and password and set the altstore as a trusted developer.

Head over to the Safari browser to access the unc0ver by typing Choose the option to open the unc0ver through the altstore.

Wait for the unc0ver tab to appear right below the altstore tab and click the green button that says seven days. Click the unc0ver icon once it appears on the home screen and tap jailbreak and waits for the iPhone to reboot.

Click the unc0ver and jailbreak once again to complete the installation process. After the second reboot, the Cydia icon will then appear right beside the unc0ver.

Click the Cydia icon and choose update to complete the process. The iPhone running on iOS 13.5 and below is now ready for deeper iOS platform exploration bypassing the Apple safeguards.

Image courtesy of QuinceCreative/Pixabay

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