iOS 14: Here are the rumored features that should make you love your iPhone even more

iOS 14: Here are rumored features that should make you love your iPhone even more

Apple’s next-generation iOS 14 is expected to borrow some key design cues and functionalities from its arch-rival, Google’s Android platform.

Alongside the iPhone 12 series, Apple is also set to unveil its next-generation operating system, the iOS 14. And while the Cupertino, California-based tech behemoth has been mum about the modifications, its new iOS version will bring to the table leaks about some of its vital features have now begun trickling on down. At most, the upcoming iOS is shaping up to be its best yet.


One of the crucial features in which the iOS 14 will be introducing is the new widgets. Hacker 34’s latest concept video shows widgets that are seen on the iPhone’s home screen. The widgets are very much noted for its more dynamic appeal, which should improve the interaction of its users with their apps down the line.

Apart from the new widgets, Apple could also be bringing out yet another Android-inspired features. These include an updated dock with split-drop support, split-screen, plus picture-in-picture mode.

Note that that will Apple’s iOS 14 could very well launch with these features, a great deal of caution should be considered. The company could still come upright with its twists relative to the aforementioned features.

A more functional iMessage

Apple is also rumored to deliver significant changes to iMessage functions in iOS 14. Accordingly, developers are already conducting internal tests for new iMessage features. Moreover, these highlights could center on the app, making it all the more functional, especially in the group chats section.

Another report revealed that a feature in iMessage could finally allow users to “mention” someone else in a group chat. The new functionality will enable users to attach the symbol “@” before their names to make use of the new feature.

iOS 14 developers are also tipped to be testing a feature that should give iPhone users the ability to delete a message they already sent. Currently, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram are some of the apps which feature this functionality.

Like the features that were mentioned on the concept video, the rumors surrounding the new perks on iMessage should also be taken with a pinch of salt.

Apple’s iOS 14 could also debut with a fitness app, PencilKit updates, new AR app, and general performance improvements.

Apple could be mulling over announcing the new iOS 14 in the now-confirmed WWDC 2020 in June 2020. The company is also slated to introduce the iPadOS 14 .

Image used courtesy of iOS Authority/YouTube Screenshot


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