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iOS 14 home screen provides full customization


The iOS 14 home screen will feature a more vibrant home screen for users to enjoy. It will have widgets, app library, and full customization as its stunning features.

Apple CEO Tim Cook opened this year’s WWDC 2020. He delivered an empowering opening speech. He started by emphasizing Apple’s commitment to supporting the black and brown communities. Afterward, he then moved on to thank the healthcare workers that are sacrificing to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

iOS 14 home screen layout

The home screen of the iOS 14 update will be one of the operating system’s biggest upgrades up to date. The last biggest update it experienced was probably the change in the design language of the icons.

Previously, iPhone users had to scan through multiple pages of scattered applications, which they just actually end up forgetting about. Now, users will be able to navigate apps and widgets in their iPhones in a breeze.

Customizable widgets

The new widgets available in the iOS 14 will revolutionize the experience of Apple iPhone users. The feature isn’t necessarily new, as Android users have had this for a long time in their Android devices.

Nonetheless, Apple has introduced its signature Apple touch to it. The widgets are readily available for several apps that support it. The widgets may be integrated within the home screen on iOS 14. Not only that, but the iOS 14 also allows ‘smart stack’ which analyzes a daily iPhone usage.

The smart stack feature uses a high-end machine learning tool to analyze the user’s daily phone usage. In the morning, the stack may show the to-do list card. Towards lunch, the stack could show the card that reminds the user about his scheduled lunch date.

App library

As mentioned earlier, users end up forgetting important apps that they download because of not being visible all the time. Users normally have muscle memory for the first two slides of apps. Beyond that, they’d have to scroll over and take time to find the apps.

Now there will be an option for iOS 14 users to collate all these apps into a library. The iOS 14 system will intelligently arrange the apps according to their functions. Not only that, but it will also have a ‘suggested’ collection and a ‘recently added’ folder for its users.

Picture in picture

The home screen will also be more vibrant because the image will be available for the iOS 14. Videos may continue playing even though the app is minimized. The picture in picture screen will be movable across the entire screen. Surprisingly, Apple has introduced a minimize button even to the picture in picture screen. The audio of the video will continue playing even if the screen is hidden on the sides of the home screen.

Image courtesy of Apple/ YouTube Screenshot

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