iOS 14, three best features to immediately checkout

iOS 14, three best features to immediately checkout

The iOS 14 was just released on Wednesday, and there are tons of new features on it that are worth checking out right after downloading.

Apple is mixing up the scheduling of their launches. Due to the pandemic, they have been forced to release the iPhone at a later time. As a result, the iPad Air 4 uncharacteristically received the earlier upgrade of the A14 chip. Apple was also forced to release the latest iPadOS 14 and iOS 14 earlier.

In other words, the iPhone 12 is expected to ship with the iOS 14 pre-installed. Below are three of the most interesting upgrades in Apple’s newest operating system.

iOS 14 facelift features

At first glance, the iOS 14 may look similar to its predecessor because of the clean and sleek look. However, there are tons of upgrades at face value.

Firstly, iOS 14 allows for an Android-like experience of widgets. However, unlike Androids, iOS 14 only allows for pre-determined placements. It means that no floating or empty space can lie on the home screen if the user wants the center of his screen left blank. The system automatically pushes the widgets and the apps around it to fill the upper parts of the screen first.

Also, the new iOS 14 has an additional tab at the rightmost swipe from the home screen called the App Library. Here, the system automatically catalogues apps that have the same functionality. In other words, for those that are lazy, iOS 14 does the sorting job without even asking to do it.

Seamless, unobtrusive experience

After quite a long time, Apple has finally allowed picture-in-picture support. Users can now watch their favorite Netflix or YouTube shows while typing and texting at the same time. The screens just minimize to a movable window on top of any app that is launched secondarily.

Also, Siri is now less obtrusive. Instead of taking over the screen when summoned, only its animated logo pops out on the bottom of the screen. Now, users can continue what they’re doing while calling for Siri’s help.

Calls have also been made less annoying. Similar to Siri, instead of taking over the entire screen when a call comes, only a dropdown appears from the top of the screen. The user can take or decline the phone call without losing sight of what they’re doing on the screen.

Enhanced privacy for all

Apple is adamant that it wants the utmost privacy for its users. As such, it has ordered that all apps follow the company’s security policies. Starting with the iOS14, users can now choose only to provide approximate location rather than a precise location to developers.

Starting next year, users will also have to be asked by developers if they will allow their information to be obtained.

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