iOS 14 update: Apple ditches grid, features 2FA for iClouds and more

iOS 14, Apple ditches grid, features 2FA for iClouds and more

iOS 14 will use list view home screen instead of list view layout. Apple will also add two-factor authentication for its iCloud feature.

Recent leaks added substance to previous rumors on the upcoming iOS14. The leaks confirm reports on Apple’s upcoming operating system features.

iOS 14 features and innovations

Reports have surfaced that Apple will go for the list view home screen as it launches the iOS14. This means that users will have to say goodbye to their usual grid layout.

If the leaks turn out to be true, this will be the first time that Apple will use the list view on iPhones. Since the very first iPhone launch, the tech giant used the grid layout for the home screen.

Another iOS 14 feature is how a user can manage the widgets. With the update, iPhone holders may drag the widgets around the screen as they would with the applications.

Reports also suggest that iOS 14 users may replace their device’s default applications. For instance, they may set their default browser, music, and maps using apps different from iPhone’s pre-installed ones.

Also, the iPhone holders may replace Safari Browser as their default internet browsing app. They may also download and install a different app for their music and maps. iOS 14 lets iPhone holders explore more wallpapers beyond the Apple default options.

With the latest update, users may choose third-party wallpapers. Leaks hinted that Apple would add a security feature on the iCloud. The iCloud Keychain will have two-factor authentication as the latest addition.

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iMessage also receives a tweak on the iOS 14 update as reports said. The app will feature group typing indicators. For messages sent wrongly, iMessage users may now have the ability to pull back. They may remove their sent messages, a feature that the app does not have on previous operating systems.

As Apple Watch is set to feature some health monitoring functions on watchOS 7, iOS 14 will have a fitness function as well. Leaks suggest that Apple is rolling out a fitness app along with the upcoming update.

The iOS 14 rumored fitness app will allow users to download fitness videos. The updated device will have the monitoring function as it walks the users through the exercises.

iOS 14 release date

Apple customers expect the latest iOS launch on the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC). However, recent reports reveal that Apple may not release the iOS 14 during the said event on June 22.

Instead, Apple may launch the iOS 14 along with the release of its next iPhone line up. The Cupertino tech giant did not give any statement on the reports yet.

Image courtesy of Essow Kedelina/Pexels

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