iOS 15 brings Widgets for App Store, Contacts, and More!

During its highly anticipated WWDC session on Monday, Apple unveiled the upcoming software version, iOS 15, for supported devices.

Apple revealed a lot of new features and additions in the yet-to-release operating system, iOS 15. Among them are also several brand new Widgets for existing apps.

iOS 15 adds fresh Widgets for stock iPhone apps

The first day of the WWDC virtual event was packed with iOS 15, which was obvious to expect.

Speaking of what is new then, Apple has undoubtedly paved the way for its operating system to become even better in the future. And the proof of that is the latest unveiling of iOS 14’s successor.

Although it will take its time for the official launch in September, developers can access the beta versions in the meantime.

When it comes to iOS 15, then it has introduced some new Widgets for the iPhones. Just like 2020, there are Widgets for more stock iOS apps.

But what’s interesting to see is that App Store and even Sleep mode have now received their Widgets.

However, the most helpful one will surely be the one for Contacts. It will be easy for the users to access their favorite connections if they want to call them without going into call logs.

Few more apps to get Widgets to include Find My, Mail, and even the Game Center.

IPadOS 15 has added the support for bringing Widgets onto the Home Screen in case you missed it.

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Upcoming Apple events and announcements in 2021

After the big reveal of iOS 15, the California tech giant will now focus more on its remaining plans for 2021.

And obviously, the main goal will be to continue its profit flow, similar to last year.

Speaking of the upcoming announcements, then the second half of the year will see an upgrade for Apple Watch, with Series 7. It’s expected to come up with extra health-based functions.

With the introduction of Spatial Audio on Apple Music, the new generation of AirPods may also release soon. However, there’s no clear information regarding them as of now.

Moving further, then before the year-end, Apple will unveil the next line-up of its smartphone series, iPhone 13. And without any doubt, it’s surrounded by multiple rumors at the moment.

Several reports are currently saying that it might launch with a reduced notch. In contrast, others are claiming that there will be a return of the beloved Touch ID.

What are your thoughts on all the major Apple products coming in this year?

Are you looking forward to upgrading your iPhone to iOS 15?

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