iPad Air 4 and another iPad coming this week?

iPad Air 4 and another iPad coming this week?

The iPad Air 4 is allegedly launching this week alongside the new Apple Watches. However, there could be a second iPad coming.

The past months have been a whirlwind of rumors about Apple’s year-ender events. The internet was flushed with rumors about the iPhone, the iPad, and the Apple Watches. As if those weren’t enough, Apple will also allegedly release more refreshed products towards the end of the year.

To add more confusion to the mix, Apple is also ripe for the release of the first-ever Apple Silicon-powered Mac computer. It is still a toss-up whether it will be a MacBook or just an iMac.

With all these rumors up in the air, the iPad stands out as the most confusing of them all.

iPad Air 4 and another iPad to be released?

Rumors about a face-lifted iPad were circulating two months ago. Back then, those referred to a basic iPad taking over the real estate of the iPad Air. It said that it would feature the majority of the iPad Air’s features, thereby making the mid-end tablet obsolete. However, a month after that, user manuals of the iPad Air 4 surfaced.

So which is which? The latest rumors about Apple’s tablets point to the release of the iPad Air 4. It sounds more logical as Apple can let the iPad Pro features trickle down the ladder gradually. As such, the iPad Air 4 will reportedly look extremely similar to the higher-end model, bezels, ports, and all.

However, this confirmation is still not yet cast in stone. Apple’s European Economic Commission application lists up to six new iPads along with the Apple Watches that were registered.

In other words, it is either the iPad Air 4 has six variations or that another iPad, besides the iPad Air 4, will be released.

The wait for the new devices won’t be too long anymore

Fortunately, fans don’t have to hold their breaths longer than needed. Apple is set to make the announcements on their latest devices on September 15. Their official press release tagline for the event is “Time Flies.”

This could be an allusion to the new Apple Watches, or it could very well be just another marketing gimmick. Be that as it may, fans can catch Apple’s second online launch event this year on Tuesday at 1 PM ET.

As to how many items will be released on that day, only Apple can confirm. Fans are in for another visual treat across the Apple Campus if Apple follows the format of WWDC 2020.

Image from Roberto Nickson/ Unsplash

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