iPad Air 4 concept shows off iPad Pro vibes

iPad Air 4 concept shows off iPad Pro vibes

A rendered gallery of the iPad Air 4 by Svetapple showcases what the newest lightweight tablet could look like once it’s released in the market.

Apple is gearing up for an extremely busy September. At anytime now, the company will announce when the year-ender event will happen. In it, it will release a plethora of Apple devices that can send any fanatic to nirvana.

Among the devices expected to be released is an iPad. Bloomberg confirms that instead of releasing the basic iPad, Apple will launch the newest iPad Air. This is sort of backed up by the leaked manual on the mid-range tablet of the company.

Now that the launch is confirmed, Svetapple went out of his way to give everyone a glimpse of what the new device will look like.

iPad Air 4 looks like the iPad Pro with boxier edges

The iPad Air hasn’t seen many upgrades since its launch. While the internal processors have been boosted, the screen size has just been incrementally increased. It can be attributed mainly to the fact that the TouchID is in the way.

Svetapple took all the recent leaks about Apple’s mid-range tablet and put in the work to show the upcoming iPad Air. There’s no denying that Apple is going back to the boxier and edgier design language. They implemented it with the iPhone 4 but eventually changed it back to a curved edge.

Now it seems like they want their devices to follow just one look. The same applies to the iPad Air. The bezels around the screen have been narrowed to give an expansive screen in front. The TouchID in front has been relegated to the power button on the side.

Overall, this new look upgrade elevates the upcoming iPad Air from its dated design. As such, it will definitely turn heads once it’s released.

iPad Air 4 concept shows off iPad Pro vibes

What else will come with it?

The iPad Air 4 will ship with just one camera without a LED flash. Apple will still have to balance the looks and the overall price of the device to keep in within the mid-range category.

In addition, the new tablet will allegedly come with a USB-C port after three generations of the Lightning port. If this rumor is true, the iPad Air will be more versatile than ever. Not only will it be ultra-lightweight and portable, but it will also be flexible in terms of charging and transferring files.

Apple is expected to release this device sometime during September. If their production and shipment dates align, Apple may release them in the third or fourth week of the month.

Images from Svetapple

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