iPad Air 4 gives Apple the license to go all out with iPad Pro

iPad Air 4 gives Apple the license to go all out with iPad Pro

The iPad Air 4 and the iPad Pro’s differences have been reduced, which means that the company can go all out on upgrades on the latter.

Last week, Apple surprised its fans with an all-new iPad Air. Since the introduction of the iPad Pro, the Air lineup has been a sore thumb. For users that wanted power, they would go for the Pro tablet. However, some cannot justify the additional costs jump from the base model.

As such, they have to compromise to either get the cheaper and less-powerful tablet or the more expensive and excessive option. Fortunately, Apple has fixed the problem for many by introducing the iPad Air 4. The new tablet does not only give iPad Pro-esque features, but it also comes in at a cheaper price.

Where will the iPad Pro go from here?

The iPad Pro is being left out as the option for those that can splurge. Many users cannot justify the hefty price tag on the unit. They also cannot fathom the idea that the iPad Air has a newer processor compared to the Pro model. As such, Tom Bedford of TechRadar said that creatives prefer the iPad Air more than the iPad Pro.

With enough analysis, the strategy of Apple is actually brilliant. They followed their usual trickle-down strategy between the Pro and the Air model. As a result, they just got a license to go full-blast on the Pro lineup’s development. Yes, it already has more features than the Air.

However, the differences don’t justify the price. Therefore, Apple could introduce even more advanced features on the Pro model that will explain the ‘Pro’ moniker. In other words, Apple could release a full decked-out iPad Pro next year that will specifically cater to ultra-heavy iPad Pro users that need the best and most powerful tablet.

Pro features for the high-end tablet

The iPad Pro, by itself, is already a very rocketship-like device. However, Apple can push the envelope even further by introducing an even faster A14 chipset on it. After all, it has been heavily rumored that Apple has been working on iterations of this chip lineup.

Apple has also been pushing that the Pro tablet is the users’ next laptop. It could mean that the next iPad Pro could share the same chipset as the next MacBook that will feature the Apple Silicon.

The company can also introduce 5G cellular features on the iPad. Apple going 5G hasn’t been a well-kept secret. As such, the same features on the iPhone 12 could appear on the iPad Pro.

Apple can also go heavy on a bigger screen. It can go beyond the realm of the 12.9-inch screen. If Apple really wants the iPad to be its users’ next laptop, it should provide a bigger option such as a 14-inch or even a 16-inch model. This way, artists can make more content on a bigger screen.

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