iPad Air 4 is a perfect downscale of the iPad Pro

iPad Air 4 is a perfect downscale of the iPad Pro

The iPad Air 4 announcement at Apple’s September 15 ‘Time Flies’ event confirms the majority of the leaks about the latest all-new version of the mid-range tablet from Apple.

Apple is a company that knows its consumers. As such, it has a product that caters to each and every segment in the market in terms of performance and pricing. It has applied the same principle for the iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBooks, and iPads.

The company started with the facelift of the iPads to a more modern look last year. Yesterday, they announced the complete chassis design of the iPad Air 4, making it look sleeker like the iPad Pro.

The iPad Air 4 is not a tablet that compromises

The mid-range tablet from Apple has always had a good following. It’s a notch ahead of the regular iPads, but it doesn’t lag behind the Pro model. The last time this device was refreshed was early in 2019. Fortunately, Apple has decided to give it a complete change by following the design language of the iPad Pro.

As a result, the iPad Air 4 now has flat edges and an all-screen display. It features a lower-end 10.9-inch Liquid Retina screen compared to the iPad Pro, but it doesn’t compromise on the True-Tone display. In other words, the images and videos still pop with vibrant colors.

Given the complete design change of the iPad Air, the TouchID has been bumped up and integrated with the power button. Internally, the iPad Air 4 features the latest and most powerful 5nM A14 chip from Apple Silicon.

This chip was first expected to come out with the iPhone 12. However, due to the delays brought about by the pandemic, Apple must have decided to push forward with the release.

USB-C, cameras, and accessories

Earlier this year, there were rumors about the latest version of an iPad going with the USB-C. Finally, it was confirmed by Apple that the iPad Air now comes with such port. Now, the iPad Air can support faster file transfers with ultra-flexibility for more devices.

The cameras on the new tablet also don’t compromise. On the back, the single shooter borrows its feature from the iPad Pro’s main camera lens. It has a 12MP camera that shoots up to 4K 60fps videos. On the front, there’s a 7MP HD Facetime camera and video capture of 1080p quality.

The iPad Air 4 is also compatible with the Apple Pencil. It has a built-in magnet on the side for mounting and charging of the Apple Pencil. The new iPad Air 4 was also designed to work on the Magic Keyboard.

Overall, the iPad Air is really an entry-level iPad Pro. It has all of the Pro model’s greatest features, but it doesn’t break the bank easily.

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