iPad Air 4 set to beat the Pro model in value for money

iPad Air 4 set to beat the Pro model in value for money

The iPad Air 4 could be the company’s best-selling tablet to date because of its overall look and extreme value for money features.

Apple didn’t go all out in its launch event on Tuesday. For a quick refresher, it introduced the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. These wearables were followed by the iPad Air and the iPad 8th generation. Apple also announced new subscription packages revolving around their current offerings.

Among the new things announced during the launch event, the Apple iPad Air 4 is drawing the most attention on the internet.

It will take time before reviewers can have their verdicts in. However, based on what was announced, Apple could be pushing its iPad Pro users to a niche territory.

iPad Air 4 is the Pro model’s entry-level

Those considering the iPad Pro before the release of the all-new iPad Air 4 are in for an easy decision.

The iPad Pro is no doubt, a work of art. It has all of Apple’s top-of-the-line features for a tablet. However, it wasn’t designed for just the day to day regular user. Not many normal users need LiDAR sensors for their cameras. They also don’t need 120GHz screen refresh rates.

Yes, these are nice features to have on a tablet. However, they are not essential for the average-joe using a tablet as a daily driver. Also, they are not the main considerations in buying a tablet. Having a nice camera is a need for a smartphone. However, it is not a make-or-break deal for tablets.

Remove all these bells and whistles, and the market gets the iPad Air 4. It has the body design of the iPad Pro. The new mid-range tablet also has a USB-C port that only the Pro model and the MacBooks previously have. Moreover, the new iPad Air also supports all the nice accessories that the iPad Pro does.

Still not convinced? Here’s more.

In an unexpected move from the company, it slapped on the latest A14 chipset on the iPad Air 4. This is the first time that a new Apple tablet eclipsed the iPhone in getting the latest processor. It also means that the new tablet runs a processor faster than what the iPad Pro has.

Of course, Apple is expected to refresh the iPad Pro sometime next year. However, considering the launch that the iPad Air 4 did, Apple just gave potential customers the incentive to jump in on the mid-range tablet bandwagon.

At almost US$200 less from the iPad Pro, users can get everything they want for a tablet without breaking the bank for features they don’t need.

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