iPad Air, iPad Mini to get a sizeable screen bump soon


The iPad Air and iPad Mini are reported to get a screen size increase in their next models. The release date is set in September and early next year.

The iPadOS 14 presentation in WWDC 2020 was relatively short. However, the upgrades were significant especially for iPad users that rely heavily on their Apple Pencil. Several reviewers claim that the iPadOS 14 stole the thunder during the event. Not only did it have the best of the iOS 14 updates, but it also showcased the versatility of the tablet.

Unfortunately, no new iPads were announced in WWDC 2020. Nonetheless, Apple followers can expect the company to go all out during their September event. In fact, a facelift is rumored to be set on the new iPads.

iPad Air and iPad Mini history

The iPad Air and the iPad Mini were both created to cater to a specific niche market of Apple. The former was made to be the premium version of the iPad before the iPad Pro was released. The iPad Air is a beloved tablet especially for people always on the move. It gives the functionality of a regular iPad but delivers it in a lighter form factor.

On the other hand, the iPad Mini was created to give a familiar feel of a smartphone, but with a bigger screen. Both devices are great products coming from Apple. They have specific markets they cater to and they deliver the experience well.

Bigger screen in the same form factor

Famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Ko leaked that an iPad is set to get a bigger screen. He didn’t specify which specific iPad will get the refresh. However, David Phelan of Forbes thinks it will definitely be the iPad Air. The screen size will jump from 10.5inches to 10.8 inches across while having the same form factor.

He said that it wouldn’t make sense for Apple to give the iPad a bigger screen than the mid-tier iPad Air. It will have a bigger screen because Apple will try to push the screens towards the edge a bit more. In other words, the TouchID sensor will be there to say. Apple enthusiasts will have to wait for the next model of the iPad Air to see the same industrial look.

The iPad Mini on the other will also get a slight revamp on its screen size. Unlike the iPad Air, it will launch most likely sometime next year. The screen will jump from 7.9inches to 8.5 inches across. It will also most likely look a bit sleeker with slimmer bezels around the screen.

Kuo also shared that both the iPad Air and the iPad Mini may ship with the new 20W charger brick designed by Apple.

Image Courtesy from guteksk7/Shutterstock

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