iPad Air: How Apple’s recent Touch ID fingerprint sensor will work

In September, Apple made a commemorated decision to announce the launch of iPad Air. The design of the iPad Air is similar to that of iPad Pro.

Same flat edges, no home button, and the same USB-C port for charging the device, the only thing which differs from that of every Apple device is that iPad Air has a fingerprint sensor.

iPad Pro used to have face recognition technology, Face ID. This time, you will use a fingerprint to unlock an Apple-owned iPad device.

You will find the new fingerprint sensor below the power button. For the first time on an Apple-owned mobile device, an Apple’s Touch ID sensor was concealed under the power button.

Apple calls it a “top button” because when you hold iPad Air vertically, you will find the power button present at the top-right edge of the device. This position will shift at the left-hand side once you plug in any accessory to iPad Air.

Assimilating the fingerprint sensor with the power/lock button should be done to every Apple device, as Face Recognition technology fails at the time when you wear a mask or in public. It is not only Apple that is using the fingerprint sensor.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo and various other Samsung Galaxy series phones use this biometric sensor as well.

The device is not out yet, but in the following article, you will have a good idea of how to use and activate the Touch ID sensor.

How to set up the Touch ID sensor on your iPad Air

The setup of setting up the fingerprint for the iPad Air is still the same. The initial design will include pressing the sensor multiple times to make Apple’s Secure Enclave understand the reading.

You can use multiple fingers every single time. To add more than one fingerprint in the iPad Air, you will have to follow the given procedure.

Open the Settings app on iPad Air and navigate to Touch ID & Passcode. Then enter your PIN and select Add a Fingerprint section.

How to unlock, sign-in apps, and buy stuff using Fingerprint Sensor

The features of the Home button of the previous iPad have been transformed to Fingerprint touch. That’s all about how to unlock, signing-in applications, and buying kinds of stuff.

To wake it, you can press the fingerprint sensor button, and in a fraction of seconds, it will respond.

For signing-in any application, you will have to press the fingerprint button and authenticate with your login credentials and fingerprint touch. Once it is done, you can navigate and buy whatever you wish to.

Image courtesy of Jack Skeens/Shutterstock

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