iPad Air news: Possible Q1 2021 release surfaces

The new iPad Air may be released in 2021 after all

Details of the new iPad Air have been floated on the internet for the past months, and it may surface early in 2021.

Only a few days are left before Apple reveals its next slew of products. Jon Prosser has shared that the company will release the iPhones in a staggered fashion. It’s Apple Watch, and the new iPad will be released only via a press release.

This will not be new for the company as it has been doing it for the past refreshed versions of such products. However, live demos of the products will be missed.

Prosser didn’t confirm which particular iPad will be released. Recent leaks point to the idea that the iPad will just be the base version. The new iPad Air will have to wait until next year for it to see daylight.

New iPad Air to be released in March 2021

There have been mixed signals about the release of the new iPad Air. The excitement surrounding the mid-tier tablet has been high because of the advancements on the iPad Pro. Avid users of the light-weight tablet are hoping that it will receive some of the features on the Pro model.

Unfortunately, for those waiting patiently, they may have to extend their patience to next year. It seems like Apple will either release another iPad Pro or the basic iPad this September. It seems likely that the basic iPad will be released because the refreshed version was released around September of last year too.

These are just speculations of Apple’s expert followers. They sometimes get it right, but they also do get their predictions wrong. Nonetheless, an iPad will surely be released within the next few months and early next year.

The new iPad Air may be released in 2021 after all

iPad Air features and leaks

The new iPad Air is very exciting because it will allegedly have a USB-C port instead of the usual Lightning port. What this means is users will not have to constantly switch between two plugs if they use an Android phone. It also means that the port will be more versatile for charging and file transfers.

It will also receive the mini-LED treatment on the screen, which will give a truly black tone for black parts of the screen. Another exciting bit about this new tablet is that it will most definitely feature the latest A14 chipset from Apple Silicon.

However, because of these upgrades, there might a huge jump on its price point. It will allegedly retail around AU$900 before local taxes apply. Previously, it only retailed for around $700.

This is a significant change, but it could be Apple’s strategy to force customers to shift to the Pro model instead of the Air model. After all, the thinness proposition of the iPad Air may not be enticing enough anymore.

Image from Dhru J/ Unsplash and LinkedIn Sales Navigator/ Unsplash

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