iPad and Microsoft Surface Go 2: How efficient are these devices

Which is better? The iPad or the Microsoft Surface Go 2?

Microsoft and Apple each have efficient devices for light users in the Microsoft Surface Go 2 and the iPad.

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 provides more flexibility, while the iPad provides better ease of use. Five to six years ago, if there was a question about the best tablet in the market, the iPad would instantly be the answer.

Apple provided the best tablet experience in recent years, but they are not alone anymore in the competition. The iPad used to be the one size fit all tablet for many users.

It has been relegated for regular users when the company announced the iPad Pro. Since then, Windows immediately went to work on the Microsoft Surface Go that could unseat the iPad. The following are three consideration areas if a potential buyer is mulling between the two devices.

Functionality and productivity

It cannot be denied that two devices were designed to get basic tasks done and entertainment consumed. The iPad runs the iPad OS, which is enough for some users. It can easily run regular tasks such as composing emails, streaming videos, or browsing the internet.

On the other hand, the Surface Go 2 runs a Windows OS, albeit the Windows S version. It can accomplish the same tasks, and run more applications, which the iPad OS cannot. Nevertheless, the user should still keep the expectations at bay because the internals of the Surface Go 2 is actually below average.

It can run games and photo editing apps, but it will run extremely slow, and the battery will drain extremely fast. Between the Surface Go 2 and the iPad, the best consideration will the applications needed by the user. There is no clear winner between the two.

Form and flexibility

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 and the iPad don’t differ too much in their built. Both devices are relatively light and portable. The main difference between the two is the kickstand that Surface Go 2 provides, which the iPad doesn’t. That is unless an accessory is bought for the iPad to have something to lean on.

When Microsoft launched the first-ever Surface device, several pundits appreciated that the company considered the flexibility that the kickstand provided. Ever since then, the kickstand has been part of the Surface ethos and has trickled down to the Surface Go 2. For users considering using tablets more like laptops, the Surface Go 2 takes home the bacon.

Internals and overall value

The base model for the Surface Go 2 ships at AU$ 629, and it comes with just the screen, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal memory. It also ships with just the Intel 4425-Y Wifi version, which is already about two years old.

The full version of the Surface Go 2 can set a buyer back up to $ 1,400 in order to get the full functionality of the device. Just as mentioned earlier, even the full configuration of the laptop still can’t run demanding applications.

The iPad on the other hand starts at AU$ 529, and it will give the user just 32GB of internal memory. For the best iteration of the iPad, a user can be set back up to $ 1,124. It already runs the A12 Bionic chip, which is characteristically smooth the way that Apple is known for.

Overall, considering form, function, and price, the winner between the two devices is the Microsoft Surface Go 2, but only by a hair difference. The Surface Go 2 provides overall better flexibility both in form and OS. For some light users, the additional applications that can be installed in the Windows OS may not matter.

Image courtesy of YTCount/ Unsplash

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