iPad Mini 6 will be the best iPad for portability and productivity

iPad Mini 6 will be the best iPad for portability and productivity

Apple is reportedly in the lab to release the next generation of the iPad Mini next year. The iPad Mini 6 may follow the design language of the iPad Pro.

Apple is on a strong win streak this year. They have perfected the Macbook Pro line up by reverting back to the scissors mechanism keyboard. They have also cornered the budget smartphone market the iPhone SE.

Apple is about to do a slam dunk towards the end of the year with the iPhone 12 line up and the refresh iPad 8th Gen. It may continue the roll of successful devices on the first quarter of 2021 with the iPad Mini 6.

iPad Pro design language

The iPad Mini has only been upgraded minutely every year for the past few years. According to Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may release the iPad Mini 6 with a bigger screen. Right now the available iPad Mini 6 ships with a relatively tiny 7.9-inch display. It’s bezels still resemble the original design from 2012.

The bigger screen will be the biggest face lift that the iPad mini will for the past eight years. Naturally, the footprint of the iPad mini will not be increased otherwise its purpose and namesake will be put to waste.

Instead, Apple will reportedly push the screen towards the edges of the device to make it look more modern similar to the iPad Pro.

Entry-level specs for a light device

The iPad and the iPad mini are both devices perfect for entry into the Apple ecosystem. As such, both devices share the same specs in their previous releases. Fans can expect to get the same in the expected release this year. Similar to the rumored iPad 8th Gen, the iPad Mini 6 will still similarly support the Apple Pencil.

It may not have the Touch ID anymore considering that the size of the screen will be pushed closer to the edges. As a replacement, users may finally get a Face ID on the lower end iPad mini 6. The iPad Mini 6 will most likely carry the A12 bionic chip

The iPad Mini is not expected to be announced with the iPhone 12 and the iPad 8th Gen. Nevertheless it would seem like that it will be announced during the first quarter of 2021 around March.

The pricing is not expected to change drastically from the current AU$ 599. The higher-end models may be priced up to $1,019 for higher memory capacity and cellular connection.

Image courtesy of Marek Levák/ Unsplash

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