iPad Pro 2020 goes on sale before September 15

Retailers are slashing off the prices of the iPad Pro 2020 to flush out inventory ahead of the September 15 Apple iPad Air launch event.

Apple has tons of products ready to ship before the year ends. Early this year, the forecast for tech companies was gloomy. The pandemic brought so many companies to their knees because of the work stoppage around the world. However, Apple remained formidable and pushed through hardship.

Now, they are looking forward to regaining their momentum for a strong push for 2021. The dominos have started to fall since they launched the iPhone SE. They’ll follow that up with another successful launch of the Apple Watch 6 and the new iPad Air 4.

Apple has phased out the Apple Watch 5 from the Apple online store. Other retailers, on the other hand, are slashing prices off of their iPad models. Both seem to be alluding to the impending arrival of the new versions of the devices.

iPad Pros go on sale in Amazon

Engadget did some research and found out some amazing deals ahead of Apple’s September 15 event. The company is anticipated to release the all-new iPad Air 4 and will not look anything similar to the dated previous generation tablets. Instead, it will boast a form factor similar to the iPad Pro.

As such, retailers are quick to slash off the prices of the iPad Pro. Since the mid-range tablets will look similar to the high-end model, sellers may be stuck with the iPad Pros and fail to sell them eventually.

Amazon is slashing off $50 from the 11-inch iPad Pro 256GB. The ultra-high-end 12.9-inch iPad Pro 1TB has a discount of about $64. These iPad Pros were released just in March 2020, but they don’t differ that much from the original model. The 2020 release just features a camera system that has a LiDAR scanner that can take crisp photos with great depth effect.

iPad Air 4 specs

The iPad Air has sort of been in limbo for the past years. It hasn’t received many upgrades outside of a better camera and chipsets. Fortunately, it’s about to be overhauled with great new additions.

Similar to the iPad Pro, it is expected to ship with a USB-C port. In other words, charging will be easier. Also, transferring files from non-Apple devices will now be a breeze. It will also have a bigger screen that bumps the TouchID to the side power button. It is a welcome addition, considering that the Home button takes a big real estate on the chin of the iPad.

The iPad Air 4 is expected to launch with the Apple Watch 6 on September 15. Fans can watch the live event on YouTube and the company’s website.

Image from Mr.Mikla/Shutterstock

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