iPad Pro 2020 may get a refreshed version in Apple’s event this fall

The iPad Pro may get another refreshed version with new capabilities this 2020. The company may release the new tablet with the new iPhone 12 lineup.

Apple is powering through the negative effects brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. It found great success in the launch of the iPhone SE that caught the attention of budget phone seekers. Due to this success, it seems like the company is finally seeing the value of going for the mid-range phone area. They still have one to two more tricks up their sleeves left for this year.

It might include another refreshed version of the iPad Pro, which they just released last March.

iPad Pro 2020 version 2

Apple may release the newer version of the iPad Pro 2020 this year. The upgrades that may be included in this one are significant compared to the lackluster upgrades on the March release.

It would be unusual for Apple to release two refreshed versions of the iPad, but the 5G connectivity capability may warrant such release.

5G capable iPad Pro

Apple will come a bit late to the 5G party for their iPhones, but being late isn’t necessarily bad especially if the company involved is Apple. This year, they might also release an iPad Pro that is 5G capable alongside the iPhone.

Apple is still expected to use the Qualcomm modems for the initial 5G rollout. Nevertheless, the Cupertino-based company is already starting its path towards independence when it comes to chip making.

Mini-LED screen display

Apple is also reportedly working on a new screen for its upcoming devices. Soon, Apple devices will have Mini-LED screens instead of the OLED displays. The former actually adapt a display supported by multiple individuals LED units instead of just having one source of the display similar to the OLED.

The individual LED units will provide a deeper black compared to the OLED for displays that have black portions. The deeper blacks are achieved because the actual LED unit for the display part actually shuts off.

The new display is also another reason why Apple may release the refreshed version of the iPad Pro 2020. Its release will pave the way for their iPhones and laptops to adapt to the same screen implementation.


Apple may have to increase the pricing of the new iPad Pro 2020 version 2. Should the unit come with the new screen technology and 5G capabilities, Apple will also have to increase the battery size of the unit. 5G connections are notorious to be battery drainers so Apple may use this reason to increase the price tag.

Image courtesy of Mr.Whiskey/Shutterstock

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