iPad Pro 2021 might be faster than the M1 MacBook Air

iPad Pro 2021 might be faster than the M1 MacBook Air

The processor of the iPad Pro 2021 may be faster than the M1 chip of the latest MacBook Air, according to a report.

Apple is already done with the first phase of its Apple Silicon transition. It has shown the world what the company is capable of when it perfectly marries software and hardware.

Now, it is on the path of destroying benchmarks it once set late last year. Several tech reviewers are extremely impressed with the performance of the Apple Silicon. Many even expect the Apple-produced processors to be even faster in its next models.

iPad Pro 2021 faster than the M1 MacBook Air?

Last year, a speed test report showed that the A12Z chip of the iPad Pro 2020 performed even faster than the most powerful Intel i7 chip. This is an impressive feat considering that the A12Z chip is only used on the iPad Pro.

With the upcoming release of the iPad Pro 2021, things are getting heated up. According to the show of Mark Gurman, the next chipset of the iPad Pro could even be faster than the M1 chip.

Apple claimed that its M1 chips already perform better than most processors available in the market. This was validated by some tech reviewers who got their units earlier than the rest.

The name of the next iteration of the iPad Pro’s processor hasn’t been confirmed. However, it seems like it will either just be the A14X or the A14Z. One thing for sure is that it will not be the same A14 chip running the iPhone 12 and the iPad Air 2020.

Benchmark scores of the next A14 chip are still unavailable as of the moment. Nonetheless, it will just be a matter of time before Apple fans can really see just how fast this processor is.

If it is really faster than the M1 processor, then there is no doubt that Apple has found its mojo back after several years of putting out mediocre products.

Mini-LED to finally debut on the next iPad Pro

Mini-LED was expected to debut last year. Unfortunately, many people who were expecting ended up disappointed when no new Apple product carried this feature.

Nonetheless, there is no need to sulk as Apple is strongly expected to deliver mini-LED in the next version of the iPad Pro. No official name has been given to the new screen technology.

The mini-LED screen is also expected to come with the next MacBooks and even the iMacs. However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet if it will find its way to the iPhone 13.


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