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iPad Pro 2021 rumored to have speeds unrivaled by other tablets


The iPad Pro 2021 is rumored to sport the latest A14 chip and the powerful Snapdragon Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G modem.

The 5G era has so far been ushered in by several Android smartphones launched this year. Samsung and Huawei have led the way in implementing the tech. Apple, for its part, hasn’t joined in on the bandwagon but is expected to do so before the year ends.

Just like in past experiences, when Apple hasn’t adopted a new tech, it isn’t the ‘in’ thing yet. As such, fans all over the world are eagerly anticipating how the Cupertino-based company for its 5G releases.

5G on the iPad Pro?

The Pro model of the iPad has been positioned to cater to the power-hungry needs of creators. The bigger screen and the thinner bezels provide for more real estate for artists to create. Attached to that need are the super-fast Wi-Fi and the internet connection.

Fortunately, a famous leakster, named @l0vetodream shared that the iPad Pro will have 5G capabilities. The account is completely anonymous, so there is no possible way to verify its claim. Nevertheless, all signs point toward the direction that it may be true.

Should 5G capabilities be incorporated on the iPad Pro, creators can soon have high-speed access to super high definition 4K videos for their contents. Not only that, but power users may also be able to increase their productivity in using the tablet.

Blacker blacks, brighter colors

The iPad Pro will also be rumored to have the newest technology for screens. OLED screens are a thing of the past; the newest tech is mini-LED displays. This type of screen implements millions of individual LED lights that can turn on and off individually.

Since the LED lights can do this, the projected images achieve a true light out on black portions of the screen. The contrast of color, in this case, is heightened for a more popping visual display.

The general form factor of the iPad Pro isn’t expected to change. Instead, it will just be a refreshed version of the iPad Pro launched earlier this year. Nevertheless, the addition of the mini-LED display and the rumored A14X chip are welcome additions to the tablet.

The other lower-end models of the iPad will also reportedly use this type of screen technology. When this happens, the iPad will be able to cement its foothold on the tablet market because of its powerful display.

Image courtesy of Henry Ascroft/ Unsplash and Daniel Romero/ Unsplash

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