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iPad Pro 2021 to hit shelves very soon


Apple’s iPad Pro 2021 with mini-LED will allegedly be released in a few days following last year’s big reveal of the iPad Pro 2020.

According to Jon Prosser, Apple will allegedly release the iPad Pro 2021 in a matter of days. The iPad Pro 2020 was also released around this time last year. So it could mean that the tech giant might actually showcase the newer model soon.

iPad Pro 2021 will finally have a mini-LED screen

It almost took one year of constant rumors for the mini-LED screen to arrive on Apple products. It is a piece of technology worth the hype because of the unique visuals it provides.

Black portions of the screen appear to be deeper in black. Bright spots will come out brighter on the mini-LED screen. This is all thanks to the thousands of individually powered bulbs that light up the screen.

It was rumored last year that the technology would first arrive with the latest iPad Air. However, that proved to be untrue because the latest Air tablets only came with the usual Liquid Retina Display. It would also not make sense for Apple to release this top-of-the-line tech with a mid-tier tablet.

Which brings everyone back to the iPad Pro. Famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the mini-LED tech would first arrive in Apple products via the iPad Pro. He then speculated that it will trickle further to the company’s other devices, such as the MacBooks and iPhones.

It seems that his prediction is coming true considering the latest leak of Jon Prosser. The date of the release is still up in the air, but if last year’s iPad Pro 2020 release is a guide, the iPad Pro 2021 will most likely be launched by the end of February.

AirTags finally coming in March

In the same leak shared by Prosser, he guaranteed that the Apple AirTags will finally see the light of day soon. It will most likely be launched in the same press release as the iPad Pro 2021.

Apple has been mum about the release of these tech trackers. They are again coming late into the party of trackers. Nevertheless, there have been some back-end leaks that Apple is actually preparing for the release of these trackers.

It remains to be seen if people will buy into this tracker system designed by Apple. However, there is no denying that these trackers will come in handy if and when a device is lost.

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