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iPad Pro, mini-LED screens to arrive later than sooner


The iPad Pro with a mini-LED screen will come later than sooner after a new supply chain update about the new tech surfaced online.

Two weeks ago, Apple released the iPad Air 4. It had an all-new form factor with flat sides and sharp edges. The newest iPad Air resembled the iPad Pro. However, it didn’t have the bells and whistles that the Pro model have.

Instead, it just has every basic feature that a normal user would look for in a daily tablet. Despite this fact, the iPad Air 4 boasts the newest A14 chipset, which the iPad Pro still has to get sooner or later.

Based on this simple fact alone, analysts speculated that the iPad Pro could get another refresh this year after its March 2020 release.

iPad Pro with mini-LED could delay A14 chip powered pro model

Last week, famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared that he has received reports about the iPad Pro. It said that a refreshed model is set to be released before the year ends. It initially made sense as Apple wouldn’t want to alienate those who invested in the Pro model prior to the A14 chipset release.

Unfortunately, another more recent report refutes Kuo’s news. Instead of being released between now and December, the supply chain report says that the ideal release period is Q1 of 2021.

Digitimes reports that a second supplier has been tapped to produced Apple’s mini-LED screen technology. The same company also affirmed that the latest iPad Pro would be released next year.

The report even states that more suppliers will be brought on board to produce the latest screen tech. These companies will focus on supplying the screens on next year’s MacBook lineups.

In other words, based on this report, the iPad Pro with an A14 chipset could be delayed to next year. Nevertheless, the most powerful Pro model with Apple’s latest chipset will come sooner or later.

What does the new screen bring anyway?

The mini-LED technology is more of a visual upgrade for users. The next devices that will ship with this technology will provide a more immersive experience. Vibrant colors will pop more, and black portions will achieve pure blacks. Color contrasts will also be more defined.

The new screen can do this because more than 10,000 individual LED lights are used to build the screen. It uses an advanced chipset that controls every bulb to be as precise as the intended image.

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