iPad Pro to be refreshed with mini-LED this 2020

iPad Pro to be refreshed with mini-LED this 2020

The iPad Pro will allegedly be refreshed again even before 2020 ends. This time it will ship with the latest mini-LED screen.

Apple has a couple of events left to host before 2020 ends. It started with a bang with the Apple Watch and the iPad Air 4 release. Alongside the two devices were subscription services that put users right in the thick of the Apple ecosystem.

In a couple of weeks, Apple is expected to announce when its next event will be. Whenever that is, Apple will definitely announce the much-anticipated iPhone 12 lineup. Launching with it could be the Apple AirTags, Apple HomePod, and the new Apple AirPods Studio.

Despite a big slew of products up for release, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has more news for a surprise.

iPad Pro 2020 version 2 in 2020

Two weeks ago, Apple released the latest and sexiest version of the iPad Air to date. It has a look and build of the iPad Pro. It even boasts the latest A14 chipset from Apple Silicon. As such, the iPad Air 4 immediately put the iPad Pro 2020 out of business. The excitement for the new mid-range iPad is sky-high.

As a result, analysts were quick to speculate that the iPad Pro will get a refresh sometime in Q1 of 2021. Along with the refresh is the installation of the first Apple product with a mini-LED screen and A14 chip.

However, Kuo is quick to revise his statement after finding out that Apple is going to refresh the iPad Pro again in 2020. It already did an underwhelming refresh back in March, but the late release in 2020 will be to make the Pro model keep up with the times.

He reports that the iPad Pro 12.9-inch will be the first to be refreshed before the year ends. It will also be the litmus test if the mini-LED really does have an actual effect on image projections.

Competition is driving mini-LED development faster

Kuo earlier reported that competition among Apple suppliers is driving the development of the mini-LED faster. He confidently said that mini-LED technology is way past the development stage. Instead, it is already working on the economies of scale.

As a result, the price point of the technology is going down rapidly even before a product is released with it. Kuo said that he expects that mini-LED chip cost to drop by 50% in 2021, and a further 35% reduction in 2022.

In other words, mini-LED technology will be more ubiquitous by then and will no longer be reserved for premium devices anymore.

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