iPhone 12 5G won’t be a ‘supercar’; the US networks not ready

The Apple event has eventually resulted in the introduction of 5G to the iPhone 12 series. But there is a problem with US networks.

US networks are not ready to practically execute the speed offered on the new iPhone 12 line-up. A Report by Reuters tried to analyze this issue.

It’s like having a Supercar with no smooth roads to test its speed. Boris Metodiev of research firm Strategy Analytics said recently.

Giving an example, he explained that the 5G on new iPhones would be “like having a Ferrari … but using it in your local village and you can’t drive to up to 200 miles per hour, simply because the roads cannot maintain those speeds.”

It merely means the theoretical speed claimed to run with 5G is not yet ready. And because it will take time to normalize widely like 4G, expectations should be low in cost.

For the current time, many people should not hope that iPhone 12 will be astronomical in cellular connections. It’s not going to happen.

Apple iPhone 12 and the problem of 5G

Talking about the 5G technology, then only Verizon Communications Inc has the largest mmWave network. It is the millimeter Wave speed standard required to be called actual 5G.

They work across short distances. It is only available to Verizon, in limited areas across the globe.

But the futuristic technology is needed to cover longer distances like its new 4G. If there’s no use of 5G over a long distance, there’s no relevance.

And that is a big issue currently being faced by the carriers. They cannot manage the said speed for the people with 5G devices.

Future iPhone and speculations

Recent speculations revealed that the alleged iPhone 13 would have a shorter notch. Plus, it will be futuristic when it comes to speed and networks.

Actually, before the iPhone 12 launch, it is said that the 2021 line up would have 5G. But now we are getting it this year itself.

Another speculation is that next year’s iPhone will reportedly have no ports to plug cables. It means that maybe a closed design from top to bottom. And that it only has wireless charging technology.

But this seems like a far fetched idea to believe as of now. Even if it happens, it’s still five years away.

Although the way Apple decided to remove charging adapters in 2020 acts as a hint. The Californian tech giant gave the reason for part of the environment.

It makes sense, but those who never bought an Apple product will have to spend extra for adapters. In case they go for the new iPhone 12 5G series.

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