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iPhone 12 announcement could be pushed back to September


The iPhone 12 announcement was skipped during the WWDC 2020 online keynote presentation.

The WWDC 2020 was kicked off during yesterday’s keynote presentation opened by Apple CEO Tim Cook. WWDC 2020 is a week-long event designed for developers. They are updated on the latest and newest upgrades on the Apple operating systems.  However, there have been a few exceptions in the past when WWDC also introduced new hardware devices.

Yesterday’s keynote presentation didn’t have any new device launched despite earlier rumors. Nonetheless, fans can expect Apple to launch the new iPhones and iPad in their September event.

iPhone 12 announcement in September

Apple still has one more event to hold before the year ends. It is normally during the late-year Special Apple Event that they release new hardware devices. This year’s WWDC 2020 opener was a head-scratcher for many fans and Apple experts.

Earlier rumors during the month suggested that Apple may be releasing its iPhone 12 line up completely online. There could be several reasons as to why Apple decided to hold back launching the new phones.

No physical presence and social issues

First, the experience of launching a new phone relies on reviewers and the media being in the venue. As soon as new devices are announced, reviewers and bloggers can immediately experience the phones first hand. With the WWDC 2020 being completely online, the hands of Apple were tied.

Second, the announcement could probably have been postponed due to the issues troubling the United States at the moment. Tim Cook opened the event with a stern yet positive tone. He reinforced the commitment of Apple to the causes of the black and brown community. In addition, he also paid tribute to the efforts of healthcare workers during this time of the pandemic.

iPhone 12 rumors

The iPhone 12 will reportedly have nine new phones in its lineup. It will have the usual base model and upgraded models of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Max. All these phones are rumored to be 5G ready. However, the biggest kicker in the rumors is the surprising ninth phone in the lineup.

No one is yet sure what this ninth phone is. Rumors are the ninth phone might be the introduction of a real mid-tier phone from Apple within the iPhone 12 lineup. Last month the company had a roaring success following the release of the iPhone SE. It took over the market by storm, keeping the sales of the company afloat despite the pandemic.

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