iPhone 12: Base variant could launch with a $749 starting price tag

iPhone 12: Base variant could launch with a starting $749 price tag

The pricing of the base edition of the iPhone 12 series is $50 more than the previous generation.

The development surrounding the iPhone 12 lineup pricing took a different turn lately, with figures that might raise some eyebrow in the process.

Higher than iPhone 11’s base offering

A new report now indicates that the price of the entry-level variant of the iPhone 12 will be $50 more than the iPhone 11’s. According to Jeff Pu of MacRumors, the phone could carry a price tag of $749. The said price is also significantly higher than the previously-speculated figures.

In 2019, the base iPhone 11 arrived with a starting price tag of $699. Most analysts commended the pricing as it is also $50 lesser than that of the iPhone XR, which was revealed a year before its launch.

The new pricing of the standard edition of the iPhone 12 series might probably polarize some buyers. Pu added, however, that customers won’t mind the hike in the price as the phone is already slated to support 5G.

iPhone 12: Without charger and EarPods in the box?

The same can’t be said for those consumers who have been following the iPhone 12 series’ developments. Note that lately, it’s been speculated that the forthcoming lineup might not arrive with an accompanying charger and EarPods.

With the new pricing in tow, this might not exactly sit well with more than practical buyers, especially now that their budget is becoming tighter.

Cheaper LTE variant

In another speculation, Twitter’s @omegaleaks shared that Apple could also be mulling over releasing an LTE variant of the series. The report added that the Cupertino, California-based company is gunning to offer the aforementioned variant with a price of $549.

The rumored, “cheap” iPhone 12 version might also launch with an “inexpensive” edition of the iPhone 12 Max. The latter might be priced at $649.

If this pans out, then the impending iPhone lineup could be released in five varying price brackets.

Jon Prosser, another noted tipster, has his own prediction as well. He outed that the base iPhone 12 version could be unveiled with a $649 price tag. He added that the other price tags are $749, $999, and $1,099.

Bigger batteries

The iPhone 12 lineup’s batteries have already passed multiple certifications, revealing key specifications down the line. The certifications showed that the 5.4-inch variant may arrive with 2,227mAh battery capacity, while the 6.1-inch variants will both boast 2,775mAh batteries, respectively. Finally, the 6.7-inch iPhone will be juiced by a larger 3,687mAh battery.

The iPhone 12 series is tipped to be announced sometime in September, with 15 to 12 million projected units in 2020.

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