iPhone 12 battery life will be put to the test with 5G

iPhone 12 battery life will be put to the test with 5G

The battery life of the iPhone 12 will be under scrutiny as soon as it hits the shelves with the integration of 5G connections in it.

Apple, year after year, challenges the norm by delivering the company’s thinnest and lightest device. It hasn’t failed in this area of their development so far. With the iPhone 12, the company opted to return to its iPhone 4 roots with the boxier design. However, unlike the iPhone 4, the newest iPhone is now leaps and bounds from its original form.

The latest addition to the iPhone family is the thinnest and lightest smartphone that the company has produced by far. Unfortunately, being such doesn’t automatically translate into better performance. There are certain compromises that need to be taken to deliver such a promise.

iPhone 12 battery life will be scrutinized

With a thinner and more compact form factor, the iPhone 12’s battery life will be put under a microscope. 5G bands are expected to be battery guzzlers as they need to be consistently performing at top speeds. With the fastest internet rates, the iPhone 12, in turn, will also only produce ultra-high-definition contents.

Apple announced that the system would be able to throttle between 5G and LTE as needed. However, there is no denying that the 5G bands will be a challenge for the iPhone 12’s battery to take.

The guys over at 9to5Mac analyzed the comparison between the iPhone 12’s battery and its previous model, the iPhone 11. They based it on the declared number of hours that the battery can support for full local video playbacks.

The iPhone 12 Mini will have up to 15 hours of playback, considering it will come in the size and form factor of the iPhone SE. The iPhone 12, on the other hand, can support up to 17 hours of video playback.

The Pro model clocks in at only 17 hours, which is one hour less than the iPhone 11 Pro’s performance. The 12 Pro Max, meanwhile, matches the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s declared playback of up to 20 hours.

No brick charger to ship with the box

Apple is moving towards a green future for the company and its customers. Slowly but surely, Apple is dissecting the accessories that come inside the iPhone’s box. This year, it will no longer ship EarPods and wall brick chargers with the phones.

In other words, the box will only contain paperwork and the phone itself. As a result, new users will either have to opt to buy the new MagSafe charger or a new wall brick charger that supports an outlet of USB-C.

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