iPhone 12 camera lens supplier experiencing quality issues

The lens issues will not affect the shipping of the iPhone 12 if Apple is aggressively doing its best by tapping other suppliers that could deliver efficient and fast results.

Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo noted that the non-Pro iPhone 12 might have some issues about its camera lens quality. MacRumors filed the research notes from Kuo.

According to analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, one of Apple’s camera lens suppliers is having an issue with its quality, particularly with the iPhone 12 model. But it more likely will not affect the shipping of the iPhone 12 models if the company is aggressively doing its best by tapping other suppliers that can deliver efficient and fast results.

Apple iPhone 12 camera issue

iPhone 12 Camera Lens Supplier Experiencing Quality Issues

There were cracking coatings, this is according to Genius Electronic Optical, on a wide-angle – camera lenses assigned for 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch iPhone 12 models. During high temperature and high humidity testing (HTHH), the problem was discovered, resulting in future delays by Genius to its deadline for delivery.

The low-end 7p wide-angle lens, the CCM, and final assembly mass production for the 6.1-inch and 5.4-inch frame iPhone is expected to be mid-to-late August, mid-to-late September, and early October. This is an estimate only.

However, its counterpart Largan did not experience any issues about the camera lens’ quality. Due to this, Apple will prioritize productions from Largan to avoid delays in shipping the models.

The possible defects and delays

Genius Electronic Optical admits that this defect and delays will impact their shares. The company also recognizes the need to cut prices once they can fix the problem as an incentive.

Genius also recognizes that they will lose out to Largan on this issue and will work towards fixing the problem to get things normal. A 30% price cut is assumed to be a 30 percent price cut as a deduction from this issue.

Apple, meanwhile, assures its investors that launches for these models will push through. This was announced during their earnings call, which covers the third fiscal quarter for the year 2020.

Apple CFO Maestri said the launch could be expected later than usual. Unlike the usual September sale, we can expect later this week.

The camera for the iPhone 12 models is equipped with a high refresh rate for both 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch. It is also equipped with 120 Hz ProMotion in terms of the display, as previously seen on iPad Pro.

For the rear camera, it will be equipped with a LiDAR scanner that houses four sensors. It is expected to have a 5G support and OLED display.

And according to some reports, the launch for these models will come into stages.

Image used courtesy of Apple Explained/YouTube Screenshot

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