iPhone 12 camera replacement can be a hint for further restrictions

iFixit reported that third-party companies face many issues in resolving problems persisting in the iPhone 12 smartphone.

Specifically, the iPhone 12 smartphone runs into a severe issue if the user asks for changing its camera module, which stops the camera goes unusable completely.

Who observed it first, and how?

This issue was first observed and reported in media by a YouTuber named Hugh Jeffreys, in which it was visible that there wasn’t any hardware related issue with the phone.

In a note by iFixit, iPhone 12 is way better than many other phones or even the best one out of every single smartphone when it comes to disassembly and replacement of various vital parts.

“But should you swap your camera module of iPhone 12 with any replacement, it appears that the phone will discard the replacement of its own iPhone 12 camera module,” says iFixit.

It describes the issue with the ultrawide lens of the iPhone 12 camera module and it’s replacement’s unresponsiveness.

The iPhone 12 becomes the first phone to deal with such issues from this reputed franchise. Previously, there has never been any iPhone that faced such issues of camera module replacement. Not even the iPhone 12 Pro faced this issue.

Is it an off-glitch or a quirk on iPhone 12?

It’s not visible that it is an off-glitch of this smartphone, or there is some specific quirk in the camera module of the smartphone.

Previous Apple iPhones never had any camera module replacement issues, but they persisted with three different display manufacturers, which weren’t completely interchangeable.

These issues were visible in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 smartphones. iFixit even claimed that Apple is trying to balance the repairing issues.

The DIY repair site also claimed that to repair the cameras of the smartphone. One will have to use an in-house System Configuration application, which previously used for battery swapping.

Previous history of such restrictions

Apple has previously barred the repair or replacement of some of its sensors for security purposes, like the Face ID Sensors and Touch ID sensors. The third-party repairing shop can’t repair the sensors provided by Apple in its iPhone.

These sensors are the critical part of unlocking the smartphone, but the cameras and battery aren’t something that requires extra security features.

The smartphone’s irreplaceable camera module makes it harder to believe that the battery and cameras will have similar replacement restrictions, as shown for the unlocking sensors of iPhones.

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