iPhone 12 can actually do reverse charging

iPhone 12 can actually do reverse charging

The recently launched iPhone 12 series apparently has reverse charging functions, which Apple could be holding back for a release next year.

It is safe to say that the highlight of the recently concluded Apple Event was the MagSafe charger. Up to this time, several tech reviewers are still in awe of the seamless experience of using it. Yes, it has its downside, such as leaving a charging ring through the phone case. However, overall, the MagSafe charger just completely revolutionizes wireless charging.

While the new charger is impressive on its own, Apple still has some more surprises up its sleeve when it comes to charging.

iPhone 12 reverse charging is apparently possible

Apple, in its FCC filing, discussed in detail how the MagSafe on the iPhone 12 works. It describes how the mechanism can be a conduit for charging on the phone. However, it didn’t stop there. It also describes the iPhone 12 potentially being able to charge other accessories when attached to the MagSafe.

Apple didn’t mention anything about this feature in the special Apple Event. It could mean that it is delaying it for a future software upgrade in WWDC 2021. Apple is no stranger to placing hidden features on their devices. They did the same when they apparently shipped the AirPods Pro with a gyroscope.

The same part allowed for Apple to announce in WWDC 2020 the new Spatial Audio feature on the AirPods Pro. In other words, the same could happen with the MagSafe’s reverse charging.

What can devices can it power?

Apple’s iPhone 12s don’t have the biggest batteries out there in the market. The company didn’t announce the official charge on the batteries. However, tech reviewers think it’s somewhere between 2800 to 3000mAh only. In other words, the battery pack on the iPhone 12 is dwarfed by other premium flagship phones’ charge.

Nevertheless, having reverse charging on the iPhone 12 is still a welcome addition. Apple is set to announce a new line up for its AirPods wireless earphones. The current AirPods case already supports wireless charging, which could mean that the iPhone 12 can be a handy charge provider for the AirPods.

This has been the marketing strategy for the majority of the phones that have reverse charging. However, in the case of Apple, given that it only has a small battery pack, it might not even be enough to last a whole day with regular use. In other words, the reverse charging feature on the iPhone 12, while a great addition, is still impractical unless Apple increases its battery size.


Image from Omid Armin/Unsplash

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