iPhone 12 is Apple’s most popular phone of Q2 2021

Apple just revealed its revenue report for the second quarter of 2021, in which CEO Tim Cook also said that the iPhone 12 sold the most.

Well, it should come as no surprise as far as the popularity of the iPhone 12 model is concerned.

The base variant has kept the demand for itself bar very high since its launch last year.

Regular iPhone 12 is the best-selling phone, once again

While Tim Cook revealed the base model to be the best-seller, he also mentioned the Pro variants.

He said that iPhone 12 Pro models are also witnessing solid demands.

As always, though, Apple declined to share accurate sales figures related to the latest line-up.

But one thing is sure that people have shown a lot of interest in the ongoing 5G smartphone series.

The quarterly revenue for iPhone 12 stood at $47.9 billion. It’s a massive increase of 65.5 percent from a similar period last year.

Mr. Cook also emphasized that the regular 12 variants have been the most popular model in the new series. Along with that, the interest for 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max has been on the rise.

As expected, there was no mention of the 12 Mini version. Its also because of an inadequate response it has received since the launch in November 2020.

Coming back to the base model, few analysts think that it might even witness a resurgence in its already growing demand.

The impressive sales are not a surprise for the company when it comes to the non-pro variant. However, what’s remarkable is that it witnessed a constant increase in demand even despite a pandemic!

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Upcoming Apple news and announcements

Meanwhile, the California tech giant is working on its next big slate of 2021. Just like 2020, it will try to maintain the flow of high revenue even in this new year.

And for that purpose, Apple will bring a ton of announcements in the coming months, starting with WWDC in June.

The virtual event will be crucial for all the tech enthusiasts since it will first look at the next software version, iOS 15.

Like the latest operating system, iOS 15 is expected to bring new refinements in the UI and privacy settings.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch line-up will also receive a major upgrade with Series 7 in the second half of 2021.

And just before the end of this calendar, it will be unveiling the next generation of Apple’s smartphone legacy.

After iPhone 12, will be set all the eyes on the upcoming iPhone 13 models for various reasons. Several substantial leaks so far have claimed that it will arrive with a faster refresh rate and 1TB storage option, along with many other rumors.


Image courtesy of Apple/YouTube Screenshot

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