iPhone 12 launch event: How and where to watch on October 13

The wait is over; Apple’s event is just on the way! Leaves turning brown, nights getting chillier, pumpkins getting spicier, and the most awaited October 13th event gives us a hell lot of things.

In the October event, Apple will be launching the first new-generation phone, iPhone 12. The phone arrives with many versatile features like wireless 5G supported technology, iPad pro kind of designing, and fast processor chips.

Apple fans have been waiting for this phone since 2017 when Apple launched iPhone X costing around $1000.

Fans were waiting for this phone because it was announced that this phone would have many excellent features that will cater to the need for everyone’s desire. When iPhone X was launched, it was something very new to Apple fans.

iPhone X has features like face unlocking design and better designing technology, which used to be unique for Apple fans.

People are now waiting for iPhone 12 as the promises made by this potential phone are very high.

Declutter, a device recycler, and reseller firm did a survey in which they found that 53% of the respondents are willing to buy this year’s iPhone update. The staggering demand is all because of the resilient features this potential phone gives.

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives wrote to investors on October 6 that iPhone 12 will significantly change to the current generation. The product will define anew update cycle and will indeed show its potential at every single hurdle.

Since the iPhone 6, which was launched in 2014, the launch of the iPhone 12 will define a new chapter in Apple’s company growth. The Cook & Company will see a surge in iOS users this year after the significant launch of the iPhone 12.

He referred to the launch of the iPhone 12 in the October event as a “once in a decade launch.”

What else can you expect in the October event other than iPhone 12?

With this forthcoming Apple’s October event on the 13th, it will clash with the Amazon’s annual Prime Day.

Annual Prime, which is being held on 13th and 14th October, was supposed to be launched in summer-like every year, but as coronavirus had hit millions of people, it has made Amazon suffer too.

As significant attention will be given to the launch of the iPhone 12 only, Apple promises the launch of many other products.

Those include AirPods studio, Home Pod Speaker, potential iPhone Mini, and the long-rumored AirTags beacons.

When can you see the launch of the iPhone 12?

Apple’s Online October event will be held on 13th October at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. BST. Concerning AEST, it will be held on 14th March at 3 a.m.

Apple’s October Event will stream directly from the company’s official website.

Image courtesy of Yalcin Sonat/Shutterstock

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