iPhone 12 leak just revealed big 5G surprise

Apple’s 4G LTE version of the iPhone 12 series will launch in mid-October, while the 5G variant will be unveiled in November.

According to a new report from Macotakara, the launch of the Apple 5G iPhone 12 models may be delayed to November. In the story, “multiple Chinese suppliers” were mentioned, and it was claimed that the next handset announcement would be postponed to the latter half of October.

All these late schedules are due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Because of this, the 4G LTE versions of the iPhone 12 series will launch in mid-October while the 5G variants will begin in November.

Apple 5G iPhone 12 leak

Despite rumors to the contrary, all models of the Apple iPhone 12 line will support both the sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G networks. However, according to Tom’s Guide, the iPhone 13 will not be 5G ready.

Sources claim that the leak of the iPhone 12 handsets will support the move and come with comprehensive 5G support. However, come 2021, the iPhone 13 will settle for single-band 5G support.

iPhone 12 leak just revealed a big 5G surprise

It had been rumored earlier that the standard iPhone 12 and the Max variant would only have sub-6GHz 5G connectivity while the Pro (and Pro Max, if there is one) would have dual-band network support.

This news might seem like a strange move, but it would suggest Apple will have the scope to configure its future iPhones to support the 5G networks most outstanding in the nations they are being sold in.

Launch may be delayed to November

The most recent rumor claims the size of the iPhone 12 line. The standard smartphone will be the 5.4-inch while the “Max” will be 6.1-inch, and both support sub-6GHz 5G signals.

This spectrum travels farther than higher-band airwaves do and penetrates structures better. But they deliver slower download data speeds than the moving spectrum.

In addition, the “Pro” variants for the upcoming new Apple devices will be at 6.1-inch, and the “Pro Max” will be at 6.7-inch.

However, no matter how excited you are, you have to wait until later this year.
Japan’s Macotakara leaked some more information about the Apple iPhone 12. The report says it expects Apple to reveal 2020 5G iPhones in the latter half of October.

This will be followed by the announcement of the new models in November. But some sections of the report are off-kilter. One part mentions a 4G-LTE only variant of the iPhone that would be released in the middle of October. However, there haven’t been any signs that Apple will offer such a device.

Image used courtesy of TT Technology/YouTube Screenshot

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