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iPhone 12 leather sleeve will be available later


The MagSafe accessories of the iPhone 12 will be released in tranches, with the leather sleeve and MagSafe duo coming in last.

Apple just announced the iPhone 12 and the HomePod Mini. The verdict has still to be promulgated as the products haven’t hit the shelves yet. Apple took the time to explain what the new 5G bands can do for the new phone. It even invited the CEO of Verizon to discuss what mmWave bands can make possible in the country.

However, the presentation of 5G dragged on unnecessarily. Viewers already knew that 5G is about more speed and more stability. What they didn’t know was that Apple’s MagSafe was about to make a return from the ashes.

iPhone 12 leather sleeve will be released at a later time

Apple announced several accessories that will be made available for the iPhone 12. It will use the phone’s special magnet at the back to provide a secure attachment.

The first batch to be released today is the MagSafe charger, Leather Wallet with MagSafe, and iPhone 12 Silicon and Clear cases. The charger will ship at US$39 without a wall brick charger. The power source will be similar to the iPhone’s charging cable, which is USB-C to lightning. As such, new users will have to purchase a wall charger that supports USB-C.

The Leather Wallet with Magsafe, on the other hand, will ship at a $59 price point. The Silicon and Clear cases will be available at $49.

Soon to follow on Nov. 6 will be the special iPhone 12 leather cases. Apple didn’t clarify when the MagSafe Duo charger and the iPhone leather sleeve will be released. Also, the pricing on these two accessories hasn’t been disclosed.

No more AirPower in the future?

With the impending release of the MagSafe Duo, it will be safe to say that Apple is officially burying the AirPower into oblivion. Earlier this year, there were rumors about the charging pad making a comeback. However, due to the challenges it faced early on, it was never followed up with a better device.

The closest iteration of it comes with the MagSafe Duo charger. Not only does the new charging dock offer the same features, but it also provides the solution to the problems posed by the AirPower. When users buy the MagSafe Duo charger, they do not have to constantly find the magnet spot on the pad for charging.

Instead, it has a dedicated magnet position that clicks right in place. The same applies to the Apple Watch. Belkin, a third-party supplier, is also releasing a charging dock that can even accommodate even the AirPods case.

Image from Apple/ YouTube screenshot

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