iPhone 12 Mini not iPhone 12 Plus to debut in October

iPhone Mini not iPhone Plus to debut in October

The iPhone Mini will reportedly be the name of the smallest 5.4-inch iPhone, and the iPhone 12 Plus is now just a debunked rumor.

Apple is setting up for what could be the most loaded event in its recent history. Due to the COVID-19 situation, Apple has been forced to delay the launch timings of its products. The pandemic forced many of its manufacturers and offices to shut the doors temporarily in the past months.

Fortunately, as the situation around the world goes back to normal, a sense of normalcy in Apple is also trickling in. The company is set to announce the date of its next event in a couple of weeks. Highlighting it will be the new iPhone 12 lineup, which is expected to be fully 5G-capable.

iPhone Mini will take the spotlight among the four phones

Apple puts extreme importance on the naming of their devices. They have gotten it to spot on since time immemorial. As such, the naming of the iPhone 12 models moving forward is also crucial.

L0vetodream shares that Apple will finally introduce the iPhone Mini. It will allegedly be the smallest iPhone in the lineup, sizing just up to 5.4 inches. His bit of news is contrary to earlier rumors that the new iPhone 12 lineup will be called the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Plus, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Instead of naming the iPhone 12 Plus as the bigger version of the iPhone 12, Apple will allegedly go for the Mini monicker for the smaller one. Ewan Spence of Forbes thinks this strategy to be a more likely one based on Apple’s iPad lineup.

The tablets have the iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. The same seems to be applied to the upcoming iPhones. Spence also thinks that this is a good strategy for Apple to upsell in stores. While users feel that they want the iPhone 12 Mini, Apple Geniuses can push the iPhone 12 to give the buyers a sense of the full smartphone experience.

Everything mentioned above is just speculations that are based on rumors. It remains to be seen what the real model names are for the iPhone 12.

Sub-6GHz 5G bands on the new iPhones

The majority of the iPhone 12s that will ship in October will reportedly only get sub-6GHz 5G bands. The faster mmWave is exclusively reserved for the iPhone 12 Pro Max models in Japan, Korea, and the United States.

Between the two bands, mmWave provides a faster, more uninterrupted reception of 5G signals. However, the sub-6GHz 5G band also provides an ultra-fast speed connection.

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