iPhone 12 Plus? iPhone 12 Max? Which is which?

iPhone 12 Plus? iPhone 12 Max? Which is which?

Apple is reportedly naming the first 6.1-inch to iPhone Plus while the iPhone 12 Pro Max remains as it is with premium level specs.

Apple, in a surprise to many, will delay the launch of the iPhones this year. It will be the first time since the phone’s debut that it could launch beyond October. Apple will be very busy starting in its online event on September 15. They are expected to release the Apple Watch 6 and the new iPad Air 4.

However, there could be up to three weeks or one month of lag between that launch and the iPhone 12 launch. The masses can’t wait, but they’ll have to extend more patience. After all, it was Apple’s fault that the production of the phones was delayed.

iPhone 12 Plus to make a debut

While the sound is a bit new to many fans, the iPhone 12 Plus is just the former base model of the smartphone lineup. Apple must have found the need to introduce the Plus name to differentiate it with the entry model iPhone 12. The new base model of the iPhones moving forward is a tiny 5.4-inch smartphone.

However, the majority of the internal specs between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Plus will remain the same. Based on the analysis, Apple is building upon the success of the iPhone SE. It was a cheap Apple phone that had a tiny screen. It goes against all the races to put the biggest phone out there.

Nevertheless, it sold like pancakes and helped the company through the downcast brought about by the pandemic.

Will there be a price increase?

Considering that all the phones in the iPhone 12 lineup will be 5G, there seems to be a rumbling about an impending price increase. Earlier this year, rumors were circulating that Apple might not ship the new phones with a power brick and EarPods. It was tied to the idea that 5G is coming, and Apple has to cut some corners.

There were also views about those two accessories being just additional e-waste. After all, many iPhone users already have existing chargers and wireless AirPods. Nonetheless, TrendForce’s recent report forecast an additional US$150 on each model in the iPhone 12 lineup.

As such, the new 5.4-inch iPhone 12 will ship at $749, iPhone 12 Plus at $849, iPhone 12 at Pro $1,099, and iPhone 12 Pro Max at $1,199. These are huge jumps from the phone’s original price. However, additional 5G hardware on phones tends to jack up the retail price.

It will be up to Apple if they can find some way to make their phones still within reach, but at the same time provide impeccable performance.

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