iPhone 12 Pro Max has the best display, beats the competition

Now it’s officially revealed, iPhone 12 Pro Max has the best display among its rivals. The latest model has a “world-class smartphone display.”

According to Creative Blog, leading display authority, DisplayMate recently reviewed iPhone 12 Pro Max. And in the testing, the premium Apple phone dominated its rivals.

In the extensive review, DisplayMate mentioned that it “has an awe-inspiring excellent top tier world-class smartphone display with close to textbook perfect calibration accuracy and performance that is visually indistinguishable from perfect.”

This is a big achievement for the latest version in the iPhone tradition. Because last year, its predecessor also won praises for amazing screen quality.

iPhone 12 Pro Max is a true flagship

Going further, the reviewer said that the phone offers a great digital canvas on a smartphone. It said that the display and camera combined are a record breaker!

An interesting thing to note is that last year the 11 Pro broke nine records. On the other hand, iPhone 12 Pro Max broke eleven records in this year’s DisplayMate review. The website gave it a perfect A+ score, as it registered the highest number in the portal’s history.

However, it should not come as a big surprise since Apple keeps pushing its efforts each year to make the phones incomparable. And 2020 is no different than the previous ones. In the last few years, the company beat the smartphone camera rivals and several great display kings. They include the likes of Google Pixel and the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Latest iPhone series impressing the users

Meanwhile, the newest line-up is constantly wooing the buyers and tech enthusiasts. Now that the Mini and Max models are out, more people are thinking of opting for them. The former, especially, has become the subject of great buzz due to its compact size and amazing fitting in one’s hands. The 12 Mini is perfect for those wanting to have a premium but a small handset.

On the other hand, the regular 12 and 12 Pro are doing great in sales since their release began in October. The non-pro version looks more promising among the rest since it offers everything that an iOS device user wants. Despite lacking a third telephoto lens, its dual-camera setup is enough and provides a fantastic mobile photography experience.

But the iPhone 12 Pro Max is in a league of its own because it has got many new features. There’s an improved camera, a new physical sensor, and exceptional picture and screen quality. As Apple mentioned during the launch event, it’s “the photographer’s iPhone.”


Image courtesy of Hadrian/Shutterstock

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