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iPhone 12 Pro special edition revealed, Price is $6,600 only


An online gadget store, Caviar, is now heading for its pre-order to give you a special edition iPhone 12 Pro. According to the market, it is going to be a limited special edition.

Are you excited to own the most anticipated Apple iPhone 12 pro? As of now, we still need to wait for at least a month to purchase one. Apple is not yet releasing it officially.

However, an online gadget store, Caviar, is now heading for iPhone 12 Pro pre-order. According to the store, they offer a limited version of redesigned gadgets, like the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro special edition

The iPhone 12 hasn’t been officially announced by Apple yet. The earliest we’ll possibly get official details regarding the new flagship series is next month.

Fortunately, the rumors surrounding the iPhone 12 lineup have been very comprehensive. Stores, case makers, and other accessory businesses are confident in making their designs based on the leaked specifications.

As reported by Tom’s Guide, Caviar has revealed its ‘Space Odyssey’ range of the iPhone 12 Pro. This release takes its outlandish designs a step further by giving you tiny pieces of the meteorite embedded in the phone’s back.

Caviar is a company well known for its decadent redesigns of popular gadgets. It regularly releases exclusive phone models, often using an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy as a basis.

How much do these cost?

The cheapest of these iPhone 12 special edition devices is the $5,830 “Space Odyssey Moon” model. The “Space Odyssey Mars” variant is $6,110 and $6,600 for the “‘Space Odyssey Mercury” edition. However, that’s just for the 128GB iPhone 12 Pro handset.

Caviar decorates these high-end smartphones with the rarest materials. It’ll cost up to $7,750 if you want the iPhone 12 Pro with 512GB storage in the Mercury configuration.

All three feature titanium backings, with Mars getting “composite stone” and Mercury getting bronze, also thrown into the mix, creating a unique star chart-style design with your celestial body of choice rendered as a semi-circle in the bottom third.

Caviar on the Space Odyssey collection: The “iPhone 12 Pro Space Odyssey” collection pays tribute to the great space conquerors – Gagarin, Koroleva, Armstrong, John Glenn, and others. We watch the progress of such projects as “Space X,” “Blue Origin,” “Tianwen,” “Emirates Mars,” “ExoMars” and want to attract additional attention to modern space researches. Our dream is to let everyone take part in space exploration and possess a piece that would connect them to distant planets.

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