iPhone 12 production going full steam ahead for release

iPhone 12 production going full steam ahead for release

The iPhone 12 production at Foxconn in China is moving at a rapid pace at the expense of employees’ rests, producing the phones.

In a couple of weeks, Apple will soon release the latest iPhone 12 to the market. With it will be several other refreshed and brand new items from the company. However, there is no doubt that the latest iPhone will be the center of attention then.

Because of the pandemic, launch timings have been pushed off. As a result, this year’s Fall Apple event has been rescheduled to a later time. This is also to give way for the production of the phones to keep up. Otherwise, Apple may face a global shortage of new units.

iPhone 12 production is going at a rapid pace

South China Morning Post reports that Foxconn is doubling down on the production pace of the new iPhone 12s. Everyone is all-hands-on-deck to meet the deadline set by Apple. As such, Foxconn is also imposing mandatory overtime on its employees. It is even encouraging its staff to forego celebrating an 8-day holiday in China.

This year’s mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the National Day. As such, employees can go on a prolonged rest. Despite this opportunity, many employees at Foxconn are choosing to work through this holiday. An employee shared that he stands to earn up to three times his daily salary if he works during the first three days.

Some employees are also choosing to stay because of the incentive they stand to gain from simply working through the holidays. An employee said,

“You can earn 5,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan (US$880) per month, and if you work at the factory for more than 90 days, there’s a handsome amount of special pay.”

Foxconn was aggressively seeking more staff to keep up with the pace of the production. It is even incentivizing those that are joining the production despite being late. Those that start working after September 18 stand to earn up to 10,000 Yuan bonuses if they stay for at least 90 days and work 55 days.

Features of the new Apple phones

The iPhone 12 will be Apple’s first-ever 5G capable device. In other words, they have finally caught up with the trend started by Samsung last year. There will reportedly be four phones in the lineup. These will be the iPhone Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone Mini name is still up for debate, and only Apple can confirm this in their event. Some rumors claim that the smallest phone will be called the iPhone 12. On the other hand, its bigger model will be called the iPhone 12 Plus. These are just rumors, and everyone just has to wait for the official announcement from the company.

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