iPhone 12 repair cost increased discreetly

iPhone 12, repair cost increased discreetly

The repair cost of the iPhone 12 has just been increased along with the higher price tag of the phone despite not shipping with accessories.

Apple is a master of price manipulation. It can make new expensive phones seemingly affordable compared to its older models. It has done this time and again, and it’s not new for people to fall for the marketing ploy repeatedly.

Based on the numbers expected by famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it seems like the same is happening again with the iPhone 12. Buyers all over the world are going for the even more expensive iPhone 12 Pro models compared to the base models.

However, despite making users already pay more for less, Apple is hiding some more charges for unaware buyers.

Repair cost for the iPhone 12 has just been jacked up

Unbeknown to the majority of the buyers of the iPhone 12, Apple has just increased the repair cost on the unit. What was previously just $399 is now $449 for out-of-warranty repairs on the unit for “other damages.”

The OLED screen replacement on the iPhone 12 remains at $279 and battery replacement remains at $69. In other words, the cost of the usual repairs on the majority of the phones is unchanged. If with Apple Care, the cost for these repairs is just $29 for a broken screen and $90 for “other damages.”

Meanwhile, the cost for the repairs on the iPhone 12 Pro models is still similar to the price tag on the iPhone 11 repairs. Fortunately, Apple claims that the screens on these new phones are reinforced with a new “ceramic shield.” This new layer, according to the company, makes the screens on these new phones four times stronger against drops.

No charger and EarPods

Apple, in the name of saving the environment, is no longer shipping wall chargers and earphones with the iPhone 12. As a result, the box of the iPhone 12 is also significantly thinner compared to the previous models’ boxes.

Also, Apple isn’t limiting the change moving forward. It is likewise implementing the change retroactively. In other words, newly produced iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and iPhone SE will all no longer ship with a wall charger and EarPods.

What this means is that users will have to shell out a bit more cash to buy a new charger to enjoy the benefits of the USB-C to Lightning cable. Also, they will have to spend a bit more to enjoy listening privately to music or podcasts with either the EarPods or the wireless AirPods.


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