iPhone 12 rumor: 120Hz screen display may not ship with the new lineup


A new iPhone 12 rumor has surfaced that the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max may not ship this September when Apple releases its new phone lineup.

The iOS 14 is the most highly anticipated rollout among the operating systems announced during WWDC 2020. Apple is already late for widgets and a true home screen. Fortunately, the company has finally caught up to the same feature that Android has had for the past ten years.

Be that as it may, Apple followers are still excited for the unique Apple twist that the company has implemented on these new features. For future Apple phones, the screen refresh rate will be crucial for a better experience of widgets and the new App library. Unfortunately, the rumored new screen display on the iPhone 12 has just been debunked.

New iPhone 12 rumor about the screen

Earlier this week, IceUniverse confirmed that Apple would be sourcing the 120Hz Promotion display from Samsung. Unfortunately, he didn’t specify which Apple phones will sport the new screen.

Max Weinbach, together with Filip Koroy, revealed that Apple is having trouble integrating the 120Hz Promotion display on the iPhone 12 Pro. They said that Apple might do away with the new screen completely for the launch in September.

However, according to Koroy, Apple still has time to fix the components problem. He said that the issue is mainly on the parts that have to fit in the body of the iPhone 12 Pro. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro Max does not have to deal with the same internal real estate problem.

These leaks still hold water at this point. Followers of the iPhone still have to wait for a confirmation from Apple themselves.

iPhone 12 price to remain similar

Earlier rumors indicate that the pricing of the iPhone 12 will be similar or even lower than the previous models. However, they failed to share that the same rumors point to Apple scrimping on accessories that ship in the box.

Apple is rumored to forego sending the dated EarPods with the iPhone 12. Also, a recent leak by Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple would also do away with the 5W power brick that usually comes with new phones.

However, the strategy of Apple seems to be fair, according to some reviewers. Their hot take on the issue is that people already have their favored earphones and power bricks. Shipping a new one with the new iPhone 12 will just be useless. Some analysts think that this is Apple’s way of maintaining its margins with new components.

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